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Monday, July 4, 2016

Camille Designs MORE Than Just For Primary!

If you haven't noticed, I design quite a bit of materials for singing time (hopefully a few things that you've come to love!):

Partially due to this calling, I've developed quite a love of designing which has grown beyond items needed for primary!  For some time now, I've designed various items for close friends and family just for fun (baptisms, birthday party invitations, bridal shower invitations, etc):

I've also done LOTS for my ward and stake like RS party invitations, bookmarks for our stake institute class, ward party posters, etc:

Recently, I've been designing on a more professional level...scary and fun all at the same time!  It's driven me to create a complete portfolio in order to put all of my designs in one place:

If you've trusted me enough to bring my designs into your primary, I would absolutely LOVE to design something personally for you too!  My prices are very affordable (I can design wedding invitations for a really reasonable price - printing and all!).  You can contact me using the form on the right or my direct contact information is on both of the links on this post.

I've got an ad running on AllThingsWeddingUtah.com if you want to check that out as well!

Thanks for all the support I've received from this little website!  You are some of the most loyal readers (and friends!) with the kindest comments, and have helped give me the confidence I've needed to start this endeavor!

And don't worry, I have no plans for anything to change on camillesprimaryideas.com, so you can continue to come here every week to plan your singing time lesson plans!


debbieandjason carter said...

Good luck, Camille x

Unknown said...

Do you have any editable Printable 2016 Primary Program Invitations?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Unknown!

I usually can't do editable unless you have the same program I use. But I will create ones similar to what I did last year by September. Do you need them sooner than that?


Anonymous said...

Your designs are amazing and your site is wonderful! I wish you the best in your business and will think of you if I need a design.