Friday, April 1, 2016

Nursery Shaker Eggs - NEW & IMPROVED!

My nursery post HERE is by far my most popular post!  I'm so happy it's as well loved as much as it's loved in my nursery!  And I use my nursery bag for more than just nursery.  Occasionally I'll pull it into primary if we have extra time, or I also use it every week for FHE (my 8-year olds down to my 2 year old LOVE it!).  We sing all the songs (using the props or actions) several times and it lasts well over half an hour (unlike our 3 - 5 minute lessons, ha!).

Now, I don't claim my nursery bag is perfection as I'm constantly tweaking/adding/switching/fixing I'm about to show you below:

I've found that hot glueing the shaker eggs is flawed.  This should come as to no surprise to those of you who have done it.  They crack open ALL THE TIME!  In a perfect world, I'd fix each and every one of them every time one bursts open but let's be honest, I never do!  I simply re-fill the spilled beans each time they go flying out and shut the egg to be used {and eventually} spilled again.

I didn't want to find another object to fill as I LOVE the eggs.  They are a fun shape for the kids to easily hold in their itty-bitty hands (no stick involved for them to hit their neighbor), I LOVE storing them in the egg carton so the kids can grab their favorites, I love their vibrant colors and to top it all off they are the FAVORITE prop for the kiddos so I just couldn't switch them to something else!  But something had to be done about how to keep them shut - FOREVER!

I've landed on the perfect solution (okay, credit goes to my hubby for this one!!).  Enter the colored electrical tape:

I got mine from Amazon here:

Let's not forget the violet:
(I could only find the 1/2 inch size on Amazon in the violet...grr!)

If you only bought one color, I'd go with white:

My husband recommends the Scotch brand over any other.  And since we are dealing with 1-3 year olds who apparently can get at anything they set their minds to, I didn't mess with trying to go cheap ;).

This tape beats out all other tape including packaging tape, washi tape, masking tape AND any other sort of glue (most especially that blasted hot glue!).  Trust me, I've tried them all.  The reason being, electrical tape will stretch around that curved center, hugging it tight so you won't have any pinched edges like you would with the packaging and washi tape.  When you stretch it on there tight (I recommend going around the circumference twice like I've pictured below), it isn't going ANYWHERE.  It's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I like to fill the eggs about 3/4 full of black beans in the bottom/lower half of the egg.  But really, anything dry like rice would work.

With all those Easter eggs on sale this week and LOTS o' time in front of General Conference that you need to stay awake  for ;), go grab up a few packages and some colored electrical tape and fix your egg shakers for good!

If you are short on time, simply grab these pre-made egg shakers from Amazon:


KatrinaW said...

I have to ask, Camille: Have you ever tried super-gluing the eggs? I'm getting ready to make some of these egg shakers, but I'm not quite convinced about the electrical tape yet. Also, if I do use the tape, should I still glue it before taping?

Camille Hill said...

Hi KatrinaW!

Super glue will crack just like the hot glue and I wouldn't recommend it. I also wouldn't glue before taping, there is no need. I hope that helps.


Emily said...

I would recommend still gluing before taping as those kids seem to be able to get into anything. Electrical tape is a great idea, though, and I am ordering some tape now to fix up my eggs. I always have to do some repair to my nursery kit each week... ha ha.

Brian and Michelle said...

What size electrical tape did you use? The amazon link seems to not be working. Just wondering, since you mentioned that the violet only came in 1/2 inch. THanks!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Brian and Michelle

I got the 3M Scotch #35 Electrical Tape Value Pack with the variety of colors. I hope that helps!


Unknown said...

My husband and I were just called to nursery and came across your ideas. I see that the last response was in September 2016, so I hope you see my (rather my husband's) question... Did you ever try duct tape? And have you had to replace the electrical tape? How often have you had to replace the tape?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Unknown!

I haven't ever tried duct tape - mostly because I just don't prefer the look of it. But I'm sure it would work, and probably very well. I haven't had to replace the electrical tape yet. I did have one little girl keep picking at it and I told her if she kept picking at the tape, she wouldn't get to keep her egg and she stopped.


Shauna Haraguchi said...

Thanks! We have some fun patriotic duct tape my husband said we should try first. I don't think he wanted to buy another roll of tape if he didn't have to. :)

Shauna Haraguchi said...

Wanted to let you know (and anyone reading this) that I found duct tape in about 1/2 inch rolls at Hobby Lobby. They had some fun colors and designs and the eggs are holding up well.

Becky Lee said...

In case anyone isn't completely set on an egg design, I've made shakers with empty mini bubble tubes (bubble wand part comes out easily). Since they're clear I use colorful plastic beads inside. Since they're twisted the tops seem very secure when glued back on (yes, I did use my glue gun).

KateSue said...

We have some made out of paper towel rolls wrapped in felt. It I've always wished we could see the beans (or beads) like a rain stick. I love this idea! I'm going to give it a try!