Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Often Go Walking

I was gathering {no pun intended!} ideas for teaching this song and really liked the idea of having the kids do some drawing, like some had suggested.  So here's how I plan on teaching I Often Go Walking this Sunday...

Before primary, make copies of these coloring pages then get enough coloring/writing utensils for all the kids:

This one for Junior primary:

This one for Senior primary:

Download them HERE.

As the kids are coloring, the song will be playing on CD as the teachers and I sing along.  The senior primary will need to fill in the blanks.  When the kids have finished coloring, I'll draw a similar grid on the chalkboard and go over each phrase using these pictures to represent each one (most of these are from

Download my images HERE to print at home or HERE if you plan on sending to a photo lab (this is what I did & laminated - these images print as 5x7 photos.  We'll sing each phrase with the piano as we go over them (filling in the blanks for Sr.) and maybe have a few of the kids share the pictures they drew.  The kids can then take their pictures to their mothers if they like.

When we perform, since we only will have worked on this for one week, I'll definitely be posting the words to this song (see details HERE).  The younger kids who cannot read will just sing what they can - which is really no different when they've actually memorized a song.

Find my handbell chart using chords for this song HERE.


prettymormonmama said...

I fixed it on mine, but just a heads up that the first verse phrase is "I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over" (you have clover)

Thanks for sharing all this with us!!! You are amazing!

Camille Hill said...

Thank you! I've corrected it.