Thursday, January 14, 2016

If I Listen With My Heart

As promised, I'll be following closely to my lesson plan for this song when I taught it back in 2011 found HERE and HERE and HERE - but with minor changes as that's what I do best!

One of the changes is I will be introducing all 3 verses and chorus this week.  The following weeks will be reinforcing what we learned the previous weeks with varying activities.

I will be using the stick hearts as the outline suggests:

Download my document HERE.

I printed mine on red card stock, cut them out then glued a "LISTEN" heart to a popsicle stick and then a "HEAR" heart on the backside so each stick has 2 hearts - a "LISTEN" and a "HEAR."  I made enough hearts so each child will be able to have one during primary (so Jr. and Sr. will share).

Before primary hang the following pictures randomly around the room with the exception of the picture of the Savior which will be hung on the chalkboard (so you can easily refer back to it every time the chorus is sung).  Each picture represents a phrase/line in the song:

(Chorus) And if I listen with my heart I hear the Savior's voice:
(place on chalkboard)

If I had been a little child when Jesus lived on earth:

I would have liked to walk with Him and listen to His words:

But as I search the scriptures I can hear His words of peace:

I hear a living prophet speak the things that Christ would say:

If He were here upon the earth to talk with me today:

The prophet teaches how to live in righteousness and peace:

If you are using the actual GAB pages, the image of the family above is on the backside of another picture I am using below.  So instead I'll be using this one of the family paying tithing:

I feel the Holy Spirit as He teaches truth and right:

He comforts me in times of need; He testifies of Christ:

He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace:

All pictures are from the Gospel Art Book (GAB).  You can buy one at the Distribution Center HERE and take it all apart like I did HERE (scroll down into that post a bit) or you can download and print all of these pictures from HERE.

For singing time, pass out the heart sticks to each child.  Have them listen while you sing (or I prefer to play it on CD - find the link to download this song on HERE) for the words "HEAR" and "LISTEN" throughout the entire song.  When they hear those words, they will raise their sticks with the correct word facing front (for Jr. I'll omit the reading if they can't read).  You can also have them listen for the word "HEART" and when they hear it, they can put their stick over their chest near their real heart :).

After listening, quickly discuss what "listening with our hearts" means.  Take answers.  With the piano, sing the chorus while raising sticks and placing over hearts on the appropriate words.

I liked what a fellow chorister and FB member shared her primary child's answer to this question:  "We hear the things of the world with our ears but we hear the things of heaven with our hearts."  I thought that was great!

After you have discussed the chorus and sung it several times and raising sticks on correct words, move on to the verses.  Sing, or play the song on CD, as the children try to find pictures that coordinate with the phrases in the song that are placed randomly throughout the primary room.  If they find a coordinating picture, they will point to it with their heart stick.  Go through the entire song the first time and the kids will try to pick correct pictures (some may be incorrect and that's okay). 

Then, repeat the phrases individually with the piano.  Discuss why each phrase matches with each picture, quickly discuss the phrase, then gradually add on.  As you sing each phrase, continue to point to the correct coordinating pictures.

You can download my to-go lesson plan HERE.  This way I don't get confused as to what picture goes where :).

You can find my follow-up lesson HERE for continuing on teaching this song.


Steph said...

Please tell your bishopric that you can't be released. Ever. Because I don't know what I'd do without your plans to get me on track and give me a jumping off point each week. THANK YOU.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Steph!

You are so sweet...I definitely will let them know :). I don't ever want to leave!!


Bethany Sneary said...

THANK YOU! This has helped so much as I was just called last Sunday. I'm so nervous (but excited!) and didn't know where to start. Thanks again, this is such a huge help for a clueless gal like me!

no said...

I feel like I am team teaching with you. I couldn't do it without you! Thanks for all your great ideas, lesson plan, and links.