Thursday, December 31, 2015

Scripture Power Jar

This year during primary for our "scripture song" portion of opening exercises (if you don't know what that is, find details HERE - scroll down just a bit in that post), we'll be encouraging the kids to bring their scriptures to primary (it correlates well to this year's theme).  During opening exercises, we'll ask the children who brought their scriptures to raise them up while we sing that month's scripture song.  For the scripture songs we'll be singing this year, I will be rotating through the following each month:
  • Scripture Power
  • The Books in the Book of Mormon
  • The Books in the New Testament
  • The Books in the Old Testament
When a child brings their scriptures (the kids are more than welcome to check out scriptures from the library BEFORE primary if the like!), they will receive a little pom pom to place inside the jar.  The pom poms will be passed out, then the jar will be passed around afterward (no one will be leaving their seats).  For the jar, found a random jar at home then created a little label for it:

You can download it HERE.  Don't you just love Susan Fitch's artwork?  You can find her poster image HERE if you like!

To fill the jar, I ordered several bags of these cute glitter pom poms from Amazon:

Our goal is to fill the jar every few months during this year.  Once the jar is filled, the kids will get some sort of treat - either a little gummy worm, a sticker, a stamp, whatever.  Maybe during the summer months we will have a scripture party - we'll see :).

CHANGE OF PLANS:  If you check the comments, Shanda had an AMAZING suggestion that I'm going to switch to (just canceled my Amazon pom pom order)!  Instead of filling with pom poms, fill it with pennies.  When full, the primary donates the pennies to the ward missionary fund!  How awesome is that?  I'm thinking of bringing the bishiop(ric) into primary the day it's donated!  I LOVE it!  I posted on our RS Facebook page asking for penny donations.  I'll also have an announcement made in Relief Society and Priesthood for ward members to donate! You can download the flyer I made to pass out at church HERE.

(I just ordered the glitter pom poms so these pictured are some I already have to get me through this week!)


Shanda said...

Our ward has a jar like that. We fill it with pennies and then at the end of the year put the pennies in the ward missionary fund. The kids love it!

Camille Hill said...


I seriously LOVE that idea - I'm going to do it! Just curious, does the primary pay for the pennies or is that something that's personally donated?

Thanks again for your comment!

Arren Quigley said...

Camille and Shanda,
Our ward does something very similar. We have two small jars for each primary group (two for Junior primary and two for senior). Each primary group also has 100 pennies. For every child that brings their scriptures (or gets them from the Materials Center) a penny is moved from one jar to the other. When all 100 pennies have been moved over the primary buys a Book of Mormon and one of the primary children gives it out to a friend or neighbor. The next week they have an opportunity to tell the primary about their missionary experience.

Kelly Barnes said...

Do you do this for Junior Primary too, or just Senior?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kelly!

I plan on doing it for both primaries.


Unknown said...

What a blessing you are to all of us and all the Primary children by sharing your awesome ideas. You are blessing countless people by posting these things. Thank you so much. I look up to you.

Karie said...

I love it!

angerine said...

Thanks again for all your efforts in keeping this blog going. I'm'here almost every week for help in preparing.
Do you happen to have a lesson plan for Scripture Power? Didn't see it in your index.

Camille Hill said...

I don’t...I’ve never officially taught it. Sorry I’m not more help!

Marliese said...

To angerine - someone from my ward started teaching it last week. She brought a Wonder Woman costume and with each line of the song they reviewed and learned, a child would come up and pick a piece of her costume to put on. It sounded so cute but I wasn't there to see how it went. Love this idea Camille! Since scriptures are such a big part of Primary this year, we were trying to figure out a way to help the kids realize the importance of them and decided to sing "Scripture Power." I think this will help cement the concept even more. Thanks so much!!!