Saturday, September 12, 2015

RX Singing Pills

So in keeping with my "medical" theme for reviewing for the program, for one of the weeks I thought I'd bring out the singing time prescription pills (aka Skittles in a jar!).  To implement them, I'm using an idea found on the Chorister's FB group that I think takes the record for the most "likes" found HERE.  I've attached the details to that post below for those of you who are not members:

"My no prep singing time for Senior today. I'm having them draw out a marker and the color tells them what to do. Red=erase a word, blue=underline a word to hum, green=replace a word with a drawing, orange=underline a phrase to sing with eyes closed, brown=make up a sign for a word, purple=share a way you feel the Savior's love."

Thank you SO much to Elise for sharing!  I'm tweaking it just a bit to use some Skittles instead of colored dry-erase markers (but that would work just as well!!).  Here's how it will run:

Fill a jar (I had a large empty peanut butter jar lying around) with Skittles and you can attach this fun little label I made HERE if you like.

Before primary, write a "Key" across the very top of the chalkboard like this:
RED = Erase, YELLOW = Hum, GREEN = Draw, PURPLE = Eyes Closed, ORANGE = Sign
**I'm not quite sure of all the colors in the Skittles packages so use the colors that are available**

Tell the kids that we are still trying to get our songs healthy (see that post HERE for an overall program review activity) so to help, we have some prescription singing time pills.

The songs I'll be using for this activity will be any with 2nd verses - they need the most help.  I'll have the kids help me write the song out on the board like it is pictured above.

Call up a child to come pick a Skittle out of the jar (maybe have them turn their head away).  Whatever they grab will tell them what to do with a word on the board (erase it, draw a picture of a word, hum a certain phrase [which we'll circle those words], close eyes [we'll write "X's" over those words] and sign [we'll put a star around it] or something like that!).  They can then eat their Skittle :).  Hopefully I'll have enough time for each child to get a Skittle and a turn at the board!

When the song has been sung enough to my liking, or all the activities have been completed as best as we can, we'll move on to the next if we have time.


Scott and Abby said...

Hey, Camille! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, they have been a life saver to me. This is my first primary program, so I really appreciate it. I was just wondering with this skittle activity, was there anything that you had to do differently in Jr. Primary, since a lot of them can't read? Or did it still go ok?

Thanks again! You are great :)

Camille Hill said...

For Jr. I ended up just letting each child pick a skittle and they could go erase a word. It made for some great repetition and they didn't even realize there was more to the game :). I hope that helps!


Scott and Abby said...

Thank you! That does help, I'll be doing it this Sunday :)