Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Puppet Review

My neighbor loaned me the BEST prop for primary! They were super fun for all our program reviewing we've been doing lately!  Look how cute they are...

Here's how just one looks (this is the only one she has that is full-body):

The puppets are really versatile...

If you are teaching a new some or reinforcing the words (especially with Jr. primary), I'd recommend bringing out one at a time and have the kids repeat what the puppet "sings" then switch to another puppet.  You can incorporate different characteristics into each puppet's singing.  For example, the cow girl has some nice twang when she sings.  The kids can even repeat with that same twang!  The pirate has a gruff, singing voice and says "Argh Matey" after everything!  

If you want to simply review, you can have the kids take turns (maybe a few kids come up at a time, depending on how many puppets you have) leading the song.  They watch for good singers to replace them after the song is over.  The sticks in the puppet's hands are perfect for making the puppet lead the music!

I used these for both Jr. and Sr. primaries and ironically, each of them loved them!!

I asked my neighbor where she got them and she said she randomly picked them up at a grocery store (Harmon's here in Utah - and I hear they are a seasonal item still!) years ago.  I was a little bummed as I thought they would be great for my own kids' collection (I'm thinking Christmas gifts because my own kiddos had so much fun with them while I was borrowing them!).  So I turned to Google and it didn't disappoint!

I found them on Amazon...of course!!  Plus TONS of other puppets my neighbor doesn't have.  They are a little pricey to buy all of them at once, but even if you had just one or two to pull out when needed, that would totally suffice!  If there is wiggle room in your primary's budget, I'd definitely recommend purchasing a few of these:

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