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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus, 2nd & 3rd Verses

I will be continuing on teaching the 2nd and 3rd verses this week.  See how I taught the 1st verse HERE.

For Senior, I'll be making copies of the song from the songbook, passing them out and we'll be learning the alto line.  Stop to define words, notes, etc.  I'll pass out colored pencils and have the kids mark the alto line and any other musical notations I'd like to mention.  You can find more ideas for musical notations to go over HERE if you need.

For Junior, I will be using the "Repeat Parakeet" method (which would also work for Senior and any song you'd like to review!).  Download and print the below documents HERE and assemble the bird on a brown paper bag as instructed.

I would suggest making 1 puppet for you and then making a few on sticks that was suggested HERE on the chorister's FB group:

The clipart used is from HERE or download the document HERE.  Thanks for sharing!

To use them I'll just explain how a parakeet repeats what it hears then have the parakeet "say" something as an example.  I'll have the kids mimic me.  With their own puppet I'll have them repeat what I say.

You can also post lots of the pictures of Christ you used to teach the 1st verse or any other pictures of Christ that fit appropriately.

We'll go through the 2nd and 3rd verses of our song, line by line, gradually adding on.


Emily said...

I made tiny stick puppets for the children (just from an image I found on Google) to help them be involved but thought it would be less distracting than having a loud paper bag. It also cut down on my prep time a ton. Thank you so much for your organization and all your great ideas!

Robyn K said...

I love the idea of the stick puppet! Thanks.