Thursday, July 9, 2015

Come Follow Me, Review

I taught the 1st verse of  Come Follow Me last week.  You can find that lesson plan HERE.  

To review, I will actually be using an older lesson plan of mine when I taught this 5 years ago, found HERE.  Only I am going to be adding one more component...

When the child comes up to step, I'm going to ask them, "what can you do to follow the Savior?"  I'll take answers and write them around the picture of Christ on the board.

**If you are wanting to teach more verses, you could also use this activity too!  Just use the words from any of the other verses you want to teach and print off as many footsteps as you may need.


Laura Henckel said...

so, I totally used this idea today, but I followed your 2010 plan, where when each child came to put down a footprint, we sang each word up to that point, and it worked really well with my junior! They did a fabulous job!
I only had two children in senior today, so we put all the footprints down at one time and then sang in the rhythm that they walked upon each word.
Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Phillip Hurlbut said...

I used this to teach the 3rd verse in senior on Sunday. It was just what they needed! We sang the song word by word as they laid the footprints down... My group was small enough on Sunday that they each got two footprints. What fun! and we sang it over and over. Thank you for all your ideas. Just as a note, before we began with the footprints I put the plan of salvation on the board to teach the meaning behind the 3rd verse "vale of tears" "celestial spheres" it worked great for the senior group :o)
Kim H,
Evergreen Ward
Tempe, AZ