Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Holy Ghost, 2nd Verse

For the 2nd verse, I'll be continuing on with the signing and once learned, we'll be incorporating scarves!!  The kids LOVE it! 

Find the link for teaching the 1st verse HERE along with my demonstration video of the signs.

I'll be using the 2nd verse word strips I printed out when I taught the 1st verse as well (also found in the link above).

Below are my crazy notes (a downloadable version HERE) with links if I could find one for the signs if that helps:

Confirmed: I can't find a link for confirmation, but if I follow the boy in the video, it's pointer fingers move down in front of chest, then the left pointer finger touches the right side of the chest, then the left.

Sacred: HERE show a fist with the left hand then open it and rub palms with the left hand facing down with right palm facing up.  Left hand moves outward.

Priesthood: HERE make a "finger man" with left hand and a fist with the right at chest level. Tap the middle finger of the left hand on the fist and bring  it up and together with the pointer.

Holy Ghost: HERE I just do the 2nd half where you "pull the string" with thumb and pointer fingers and I do it with a wave.

Given: Just following the video, all fingers on both hands touch chest

Hour: HERE right palm at chest level, facing left.  Left hand pointer finger makes a "clock" circling the other palm going upward and outward.

Listen: HERE Tap right ear with right pointer 

Still Small Voice: HERE (sign for voice) but the boy above does it a little differently which I like: place hands on chest, fingers spread and bring them up to throat.

Light: HERE the link is for "the light of Christ" so I'm only doing the middle sign on the video - left hand up near head, palm facing out, thumb extended.  Hand moves upward and outward slightly

Do What's Right: Not sure on the translation - left hand makes a fist with thumb up, placed on right palm.  Begin at chest level and outward and bring inward and up.

Choice: HERE Hold up 2 fingers on right hand, then left hand chooses (brushes) pointer finger then middle finger with all of left hand fingers.

Then, once we've learned all the signs, I'm going to give each child a scarf that I purchased from Amazon:

You can find them here:

If you are having trouble with the icon above, you can click on the direct link HERE.  If that still doesn't work, search "West Music 27" Hemmed Square Movement Scarves Set" on Amazon and hopefully you can find them.

This is totally optional but I think it will be a fun way to change up the monotony of signing.  I'll just have the teachers tie a scarf onto each child's finger.  Then we'll sign and sing the whole song with the 1st and 2nd verses using the scarves, just like my video here:


Anonymous said...

Hi Camille,

Do you happen to have the link to the amazon page that you purchased the scarves from? You are my secret weapon and I am thankful for you every week! Thank you! ~Laura

Camille Hill said...

Hi LIsraelson!

I added a direct link to Amazon in the post if that helps. Thanks for your nice comment :).