Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Holy Ghost, 1st Verse

I'll be pulling out an old lesson plan from way back when but incorporating some simplified ASL actions to shake things up a bit!

I LOVE when I can do that!!  Find my lesson plan HERE.  Then in addition to that, we'll be learning simplified ASL as we pull each phrase out of the box!

You can find a printable lesson plan with my ASL notes HERE if you like.  Below are the words we'll be signing in ASL and a link to hopefully help with my somewhat crazy notes!!

Christ: HERE make a “c” with left hand, touch right shoulder, then left hip
Earth: HERE left hand, using thumb and middle finger, placed on top of right wrist and moved back and forth
Promised: HERE  right hand a fist at chest level, left hand pointer to lips, then opens up and is brought down to right hand.
Send: HERE left hand brushes outward something off the top of right hand
Holy Ghost: HERE (may just simplify this even more) by pinching thumbs and middle finger together and pull a string - just the last half of the sign.
Comfort: HERE right hand is pulled through left hand and vice versa
Friend: HERE pointer fingers, rounded, cross then switch
Holy Spirit: Same as Holy Ghost
Whispers: HERE the boy makes a trumpet with both hands with his fingers wiggling (different from link)
Still Small Voice: HERE (sign for voice) but the boy above does it a little differently which I like: place hands on chest, fingers spread and bring them up to throat.
Testifies: HERE sign the letter “t” by placing thumb between pointer and middle and making a fist; place left hand at chest level then bring forward to right flat palm
God: HERE make a shepherd's staff shape from middle of chest, ending at forehead using left hand, palm facing right
Christ: same as above
Heart: HERE draw a heart on your chest
Rejoice: HERE palms facing chest, move in a circular motion, up then out

I've got a video here helps:
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HERE's an amazing link by the church that Tara let me know about in the comments! It has simple videos of the more unusual vocabulary we use in the Church!  Love it!

For the 2nd verse, I'll just be continuing on with the sign language and wordstrips.  And I just ordered these scarves (2 sets of 12 for our primary) for the kids to hold to liven up the signing:

Find details for the 2nd verse HERE.

If you want more details for teaching sign language in primary, check out my post HERE.


tara holcomb said...

Not sure if you know about this site, it was a little obscure and hard to find! But it has simple videos of the more unusual vocabulary we use in the Church. They still move really fast, but they are only showing one sign, and it's easier to pause to check a particular gesture.

Camille Hill said...


This link is amazing - thank you SO SO much for sharing!!


Lori Gregory said...

What are you going to do with the scarves? I have some like that but never thought of using them for singing time.

Jesse Edwards said...

the as video on the church website is easier to follow. The one you download when you're in the music player thing. She mouths the words as she's doing the sign.

Jesse Edwards said...

I meant ASL not as...sorry. And thanks I think I'll be teaching some sign language tomorrow!

Hernandez Family said...

I didn't see this until now, but I can ask my friend in the morning, she's an interpreter and she's my go-to when I do sign language in our primary. Not sure if it's too late since you're doing the song tomorrow, though. I'll see if she'll help me make a video I can upload quickly.

Camille Hill said...


I'd love the direct link if you can! Thanks!

and Hernandez Family,

If you can get a video, that would be amazing too! I really appreciate everyone's input!


Camille Hill said...


My idea with the scarves is I'll probably have them tied on to a finger (or they'll just hold them) as we sign. Pretty simple. I thought it would be a cool little visual especially when we sign "Holy Ghost."


Jesse Edwards said...

I know I'm a little late, but here's the link:

It's in the right hand menu. You can download the ASL video