Thursday, May 21, 2015

Faith, 2nd Verse

To continue on with my "growing" theme in teaching Faith, I created these plant markers to teach the 2nd verse:
I'll be bringing in and using the eggs-growing-grass that we planted last week.  Find my lesson plan HERE.  Pictured above is 4 days of growth!  I've kept them on the kitchen counter in the sun and made sure they stay moist by watering them a little bit every day or so.  If you didn't use this lesson plan to teach the 1st verse, any simple potted plant would work or even just some soil in a container.  Or, it really can be omitted all together.

You can download and print the document HERE to make the plant markers.  I printed 2 pages on white card stock - one page to review the 1st 4 phrases in the 1st verse and another page to teach the 4 phrase for the 2nd verse.  Then I cut them out and taped them to popsicle/craft sticks.
I got my popsicle/craft sticks at Wal-Mart.  Amazon also sells them:

Before primary, post the 8 markers on the chalkboard down the left side of the chalkboard using a magnet.  Then draw a long line with chalk going across the chalkboard after each marker.  So the chalkboard would read "Faith Is..._____________________________" 8 times.

For the activity, review the first verse and have the kids gradually fill in the blanks.  Sing after each line is filled in.  As each blank is filled in, remove the marker from the chalkboard and place it randomly in the growing grass.  You can discuss the benefits of having a marker - they let you know what you are growing where.  And you can tie in that we should always know what we are "growing."  Quickly move along to review the first verse.  

For the 2nd verse, sing or play the song on CD while the kids help you fill in the blank.  Ask the following questions between each line and have the kids listen for the anwer.  Sing through to that point:

1st phrase:  When did I live with Him?
2nd phrase:  When will I return to Him?
3rd phrase:  What is another word that means "believing in?"
4th phrase:  How is my faith strengthened?

Bear testimony of the plan of salvation referred to in this verse and how it takes faith to believe it is true.

To help give the Junior Primary some movement, I will pass out a little "Faith Is..." plant marker for each child.  They can take them home after the lesson:

I printed these on regular copy paper and taped them to a popsicle stick.  Whenever they hear/sing the word "Faith" they can raise up their sticks (or even stand up, turn around in their seat, jump...the list goes on!).  Download the document HERE.

Also for Junior, instead of writing the words out on the chalkboard, I may also just post my visuals used for teaching the 1st verse (found in the link above), then just add the last 4 pages of this flipchart found HERE for the 2nd.  It will make it a little more visual for them and less reading.

Next week I'll be reviewing all of the program songs we've learned this year using the eggs YET again.  We'll be cutting the eggs' long "hair!"  Should be fun! Stay tuned!!

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Unknown said...

Hi Camille,
Thank you so much for all your help. I have been using your ideas lately. I translate everything to Spanish since we attend a Spanish Ward.