Thursday, April 30, 2015

Singing Cards Review

I've been wanting to give Susan Fitch's Singing Time Cards a try and this week I'm ready for them. 

You can buy/download them from her Etsy shop HERE for $5.00.

Just to keep it simple, I printed the 4 pages of cards (not the spinning wheel option) on white card stock, laminated them then taped a dowel to the back.  Then I just put them in a bucket for easy storing.

To use them, I'm considering to options:

1.  Pick a good singer to come up and lead the primary with the card-on-a-stick and the primary will sing how the stick suggests for that verse.

2.  I'll pick random cards and change them up while we sing.  I think I'm leaning toward this option :).

I'll just start with January's song and run through them all, in order until we end with April.

One of the cards activity's is to "make up your own actions" and I may bring my Position Cards found HERE just to add some more variety :).  And if you haven't tried the Position Cards yet, they are WAY fun!  They can be a singing time of their own!!

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Heaven Smiling said...

These look great! Pinned.