Monday, February 16, 2015

Staying Organized - Part 7, When Teaching

I don't know about you, but sometimes I stumble into Primary a tad late (ya know - me getting my 5 little kids ready for church alone while the hubby has early morning meetings and we have primary FIRST!).  Sometimes the primary counselor is just handing the time over to me to lead the opening song!  GAH!  I needed to hit the library for some chalk, grab my magnets from my bag and set out the choosing sticks!  Well, I've FINALLY figured out how to solve all those {well, my} issues with one cool product!

Our primary now owns this little handy caddy...

I thought it was perfect when I finally stumbled upon it on Amazon!
(affiliate link - I get a small percentage if you purchase these)

It holds all our choosing sticks (see mine that I made HERE), chalk and eraser (which is not pictured, but it will fit perfectly in that back slot!), magnets (see the ones I bought HERE) and push-pins (just got some at Wal-Mart) or Amazon sells them too:

I also added some pens (mostly for the counselor conducting so they can pass one out with the week's random sign-up sheet!) and I even have a slot to spare (it's killing me - what can I put in there??).

I made these little primary-kids-pencil-toppers to attach to the pen-lid so the pens don't mysteriously make their way out of the primary room:

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Susan Fitch's artwork?  You can find her originals of these cute kids HERE (somewhere - I can't find them now!).  My document pictured above is HERE (along with the Junior and Senior tags for the choosing sticks' slot, if you need - just taped those on with packaging tape).  I printed them on white card stock, cut out each one, glued them back-to-back, laminated them, cut them out again and shoved a small wooden dowel in between everything.  I had to do a little ripping and re-gluing but they came together.  Then I had some decorative masking tape and taped the dowel to the pen lid.  Here's a close-up of how they turned out:

Oh, how I love caddy's and this one is no different!  It will be stored in the primary closet and be brought out when the room is set up and put a way when we clean up.  Super easy, organized and pretty cute!  I also had the thought that if I ever find I want to store more things in the caddy, it's metal, and those magnets will stick to the outside, freeing up the bottom drawer for whatever else we find useful!

Oh, and then I also picked up a red tablecloth on Amazon to add a little more color to the primary room :):

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Laura Henckel said...

Sticky tack (in the spare slot) - for when you want to stick stuff around the room not on the board

Camille Hill said...

Laura - I totally did it! Thank you!!