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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Know that my Savior Loves Me - Chorus & 1st Verse

I'm FINALLY ready to start on this year's program songs!  I have a VERY simple lesson plan...

As an attention getter I'll post the above picture on the chalkboard (find that HERE).  Then I really liked the idea posted on sugardoodle.net found HERE.  I'm going to have the kids close their eyes, I may turn off part of the lights, and tell them to imagine what I'm about to tell them.  I'll then read (maybe paraphrase for Junior primary) the script.

Afterward, I'll have the pianist play the chorus as I sing it* using simple actions/hand motions as is suggested in the 2015 Sharing Time Outline found HERE (under the section "Helps for the Music Leader").  This simple video was shared on the FB Chorister's group that I liked (thank you for sharing this!):

*If you are uncomfortable singing a solo, ask the teachers to help you and make sure to post the words like I do HERE to help them.  Or play the song on CD which you can find the link to download it HERE).

Then I'll start with the chorus, and line by line, we'll do the action, recite the words, then sing and do the action together, then add on.  Once the chorus is learned, we'll do the 1st verse.

Also, if you need help remembering what actions/signs go where, I like to jot down simple notes.  For instance, I'll write down "know" for "I Know he lives" then write next to it "raise bent arm" or something.  I can be forgetful when I get up in front sometimes :).


You can also ask the kids to come up with their own actions.  Divide the primary into sections and assign each section a line from the song.  Then they can come to the front of the class and teach the others their action that goes along with their assigned line.

Find my lesson plan for the 2nd verse HERE.

Find my lesson plan for reviewing this song HERE.

Find my follow-up to this lesson plan HERE.

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