Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Bulletin Board - Journey to Know Our Savior

We have a dated bulletin board that was done about 3 years ago!  So I asked if I could update it.  I wanted something that would be singing & sharing time related so this is what I came up with...

My idea was sparked by this idea found on idea HERE.  I didn't purchase the set because I wanted it a little different for our primary, and I prefer church-approved pictures of Christ. But I LOVED the idea of it!

So I made these that can be printed as 5x7 photos:

Download them all HERE.  I printed mine at Costco as a 5x7 with a lustre finish.  If you want to print them yourself, you can insert the JPEG files into a Word document and adjust the sizes how you like.  And please feel free to edit whatever you need (if you are able) to cater to your primary - I'm sorry I can't customize things for everyone.

Then we took the primary kids' pictures today (outside for MUCH better lighting than inside the building!) and I edited them to include their first names, their birth day/month and they have a border of their favorite color around their picture:

I've printed these at Costco as a 4x6, lustre print, and will cut each in half.  The pictures will then be posted around each of the monthly theme pictures above (a good help to let us know who's birthday is coming up!).

Each month, I'll add footsteps in between each month to introduce it.  Again, more to come.

The background of the bulletin board will hopefully be a light green butcher paper cut at a slight curve, and maybe a little light blue butcher paper on the top for sky (we'll see what I can find!).  I'll take more suggestions on this as well!  

Then I'll title it: "Journey To Know Our Savior!" Probably in black lettering.  Wish I had a Cricut or Silhouette right now! :).  Maybe I'll just write it in with a big marker.

Then I need to figure out some sort of border for the edge.  Maybe some cool ribbon.

Here's the finished product:

Violin, another chorister in Virginia, shared how her board turned out as well:
Thank you for sharing!!

I'll add in the footsteps between each month on the first Sunday of each month.


clarisa said...

am i ok to copy and paste to change the songs to what we are singing or do you prefer not?

Camille Hill said...

Please change whatever you like if you are able! The font is Cambria size 25 if that helps!


Laura Henckel said...

Ok, so you are the BEST! But I have a question that I am just too impatient to wait for your post (I know it's coming because you are awesome like that) What are you doing for Feb? My kids KNOW He Sent His Son. Are you just reviewing with your previous year's items? Are you going to try to switch it up to make it new for the kids? I am currently dreading February (but this redundancy makes it easy to include a Valentines Activity [thanks to you, of course] and squeeze in more review of I Know My Savior Loves Me in the beginning

Camille Hill said...

I'm just going to do my lesson for HSHS from last year one Sunday in February, then maybe get ahead...maybe start on an Easter song...maybe...sorry, I haven't even thought that far ahead yet :).