Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Primary-Christmas-Song Nativity

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This is a great lesson the Sunday before Christmas.  You may want to combine it with sharing time as it may take longer than your allotted 20 minutes, but you'll need to plan ahead for that.  This would also work GREAT for your ward or family Christmas party entertainment!*

You'll be presenting the Nativity as it is found in Luke along with the birth of Christ in America in Helaman.  In between scenes, you'll be singing 5-6 Christmas songs found in the Children's Songbook.

You'll need costumes for all the actors/participants as you would for a regular (non-musical) nativity.  Costumes can be as simple as using bathrobes, fabric, etc.  You could even do a "poster" nativity where each child held up a poster costume, similar to Children All Over the World posters I've made found HERE (however, this version could potentially be LOTS of work!).  Oriental Trading has costumes for purchase (or even for ideas to DIY!) found HERE as does Amazon here:

Also bring a doll for the baby Jesus - unless one of the small nursery children are willing ;).

Here are the scriptures you'll be reading and the songs to sing after each:
  • Helaman 14:2 - 13 (Samuel the Lamanite on the Wall) - Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
  • Luke 2:1, 4-5 (Joseph & Mary traveling) - When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
  • Luke: 2:7 (The Nativity) - Away in a Manger
  • Luke 2:8 - 10 (The Announcement of Christ's Birth to the Shepherds) - Stars Were Gleaming
  • Luke 2:11 (The Birth of Jesus) - The Nativity Song
  • Christmas Bells (optional but it's fun!) with the bells, find details HERE
I've uploaded a full narration HERE that includes all the scriptures to be read.

Have children reenact what you are reading in the scriptures (silent acting while someone narrates the scriptures).
  • Have Samuel up on a wall with other primary children below shooting "arrows" at him, not listening, etc.
  • Have someone hold the decree from Caesar, then Joseph and Mary wearily traveling (not sure how you'd do the donkey - maybe a poster!)
  • Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus only
  • Shepherds and the angel telling them to fear not
  • The nativity again with the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wise Men, angels and all cast members.
I've created a little "cheat sheet" HERE so you know what comes when.

In between scenes, sing each primary song - congregation and primary actors.

*If you do this for the ward Christmas party, make sure to pass out copies of the words.  I've typed them up HERE for the congregation to help sing.  Then post the words like I do HERE for the primary kids as well!

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