Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanksgiving Rounds!

This Sunday I thought it would be fun to learn the songs For Health and Strength & For Thy Bounteous Blessings.  Both are rounds, both are about thanks, and both are on the same page!!

I will put the flipchart pages for For Health and Strength found HERE on the chalkboard in a circle, symbolizing rounds. Then divide the primary into groups and each can sing their part.  As we are singing, I'll ask the kids questions about the song:

For what are we thanking or praising the Lord? [Health and strength, daily food]

Then I'll put the flipchart pages for For Thy Bounteous Blessings found HERE and do the same thing.  I'll ask them questions about this song:

Name 3 things for which we give thanks. [bounteous blessings, wondrous word, loving kindness]
What words in this song tell us that this is a prayer song? [We give thanks, O Lord.]

We'll switch up which groups start first, second, third and fourth with each song to try to keep them interesting!  I'd recommend a "group leader" for each part.  A teacher or even an older primary child who has a strong voice and can help the others keep their part.  For the younger kids, maybe keep the groups to only 2, at least to start.

UPDATE: One thing I'm going to do in addition this year...for the song For Health and Strength I'm going to have each group stand when they sing the word "health" at the beginning, when they start their round.  They will remain standing until they sing "Lord" at the end.  This will help visualize which group is starting and which group is ending!  Thanks for this idea that was posted on the FB Chorister's group!

And if you want more Thanksgiving ideas, make sure to scroll down to my Thanksgiving "Label" over on the right side and I've got several posts linked there!


Haven Heimann said...

I love this! What a creative idea! Did you do the same for the junior primary?

Camille said...

Yep! And they did great with it too!!

Keller said...

The For Health and Strength flip chart link no longer works. Do you have a copy of the flip chart?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Keller,

I've updated the link - thank you for letting me know about the error.