Thursday, June 5, 2014

Keep-The-Beat Review

We are reviewing Family History-I Am Doing It this Sunday but this lesson plan will work to review any song.  We will be "Keeping The Beat" using 3 different methods...

1.  Bend and snap:  Family History-I Am Doing It has a catchy beat and the kids will do great as they bend at the knees and snap their fingers (both at the same time) at the beginning of each measure.  We'll do this probably once or twice to quickly review.

2.  Our primary owns these fun rhythm instruments (I may be doing this one primarily for Junior primary):

Amazon sells some that are similar:



In my opinion, a set of rhythm instruments would make a great addition for every primary!

If your primary doesn't, you can easily make your own - get creative by looking around your house for items such as pencils to click together, make-shift drums using empty containers, beans or rice in small containers (prescription bottles work well or Easter eggs glued/taped shut), bells strung on pipe cleaner, etc.

To use them, I'll pass out all of the items either every 2nd or 3rd child (they stay in their seats).  They will help me keep time by only making their noise on every beat.  In my song, 3 beats to every measure.  We'll then pass the items around the room so each child can hopefully get a chance to use a few different items as we sing several times.

3.  Lap-Clap-Snap-Thumbs{over shoulders!} (I may be doing this activity primarily for Senior primary but I'm guessing they may enjoy #2 just as much as Junior!):

I made these little cards to hang around kids' necks - find the document HERE.  I printed on card stock, cut them along the lines, punched 2 holes in each and strung some yarn.  4 kids will be called up front and stand in order - lap, clap, snap thumbs* The rest of the primary will do the actions to the beat of the song.  To make it more difficult, switch the order of the necklaces and have the primary follow!

*The time signature in Family History-I Am Doing It is 3/4.  So I can only have 3 cards up at a time in order to stay on beat.  I will be omitting the thumbs at first.  Once we have the lap-clap-snap down, I will switch the cards around in various order and throw in the thumbs while removing another card.  If your song is a 4/4 or a 2/4 you can use either 4 cards or 2 cards at a time.


Karie said...

Fun & easy. Love it. Thanks!

Katie said...

This sounds so fun! I will try it this Sunday!

Justin and Heidi Culbertson said...

I paired images of these actions with each word so Junior Primary could join in the fun easier :o)

Caitlin Sitton said...

Thumbs? Like hit your thumbs together?

Camille Hill said...

Caitlin, the thumbs go up and over your shoulders. I hope that clarifies.


Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

What is the slap action?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Robyn,

It should say "snap." Sorry for the typo, I've corrected it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.