Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stick Figure Family Review

Since it's Mother's Day I've decided to make singing time this Sunday SUPER simple - a gift to myself!  My idea comes from an idea I found on Chorister's Facebook page (Thanks Katie!) that I really liked that was simply drawing stick figure families on the chalkboard.  Tweak it just a bit and it works great for Mother's and Father's Day too!  All you'll need is chalk/dry erase markers:

Amazon sells Crayola colored chalk here that would work great too:

Then I'll call up maybe 2 kids (or enough at a time so each child will get a turn in the allotted 20 minutes) and they will come draw their own stick figure family as the rest of the primary sings a verse of The Family is of God.  They need to be finished drawing their family when the verse/chorus is over so it will be a QUICK draw.  Once completed, the kids up drawing can tell the primary something they love about their mothers or grandmothers.

Then we'll erase, call up 2 or so more kids and repeat with the next verse, then the next, then the next, then start over with the 1st verse again!

I'll pick the next 2 kids to come up who were the best singers that round - hopefully it will motivate good singing!

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Andi said...

I am having major burn out too! I have been so sick of myself preparing Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I just go on here this morning and found this idea very first. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I don't have to spend the next 48 hours stressing about my procrastination. :)