Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Family is of God, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Verses

Find my lesson plan for teaching the chorus and 1st verse HERE.  And if you want ANOTHER way to review, check out my Stick Figure Family Review HERE.

I taught this song back in 2009 (if I remember correctly!) when it was part of the Children's Sacrament Meeting Program.  I can't believe I've been doing this since BEFORE then!  But the great thing about repeats is I've already done the hard part - come up with the idea.  So I'll be using the same lesson plan when I taught this song way back when ;).

I pulled out keywords for all 3 verses:




Typed them up (you can find my document HERE), printed them, cut them, and taped them on to:

Dad items for the 2nd verse:
(hat, sunglasses, tie, jacket, scriptures, watch, keys, belt, glove, shoes)

Mom items for the 3rd verse:
(hat, sunglasses, scarf, bag bracelet, apron, glove, ring, shoes)

I found that sun hat at Target in the Dollar section on clearance this week!!  And that is a NEW cleaning glove ;).

Child items for the 4th verse:
(helmet, headband, skirt, backpack, baseball glove, shin guards, ballet slippers, doll, book)

To teach the lesson, I'll call up the oldest boy in primary and we'll "dress" him in our dad items.  I've arranged the keywords so they sort of work top to bottom.  So start with items for the head and work your way down to the feet.  I'll add enough keywords at a time to complete a sentence then we'll sing it as I point to each item/keyword on the child.

I'll then repeat with the oldest girl for the 2nd verse and the 2 youngest boy and girl for the 4th verse (I'll let them share the items - I tried to make half more boyish and half more girly).

If time permits, I'll swap out our mom/dad/children with new helpers, dress them in all the items and gradually remove keywords, leaving only the props as we sing.  But I may have to save this for another Sunday to review.  I'm guessing just dressing the kids will take the whole 20 minutes.

Now, I understand that Jr. primary can't read but I'm really going to try to teach the keywords through word association.  So when they see the mother's hat, they'll think of the word "purpose" and so on.  As we learn it I'll always ask, "what word is for the hat?" and so on.

To tote all the items to church, I placed them in my trusty laundry basket!
I always get great looks from ward members when I haul this to church!  I put everything in the basket in order from last to first so I can easily and quickly get to what I need.
My twins have a soccer game Saturday so I taped that "GLAD" keyword on the side to hopefully remind me to grab their shin guards!  I'm crossing my fingers that my kids don't get TOO upset about sharing all their stuff with the primary!  And when the hubby asks where his church shoes and belt are, I'll just shrug my shoulders ;).


Caitlin said...

Cute. I love it!

Di~ said...

GREAT! idea! Thank You.

Robyn K said...

I used the idea for the third verse two weeks ago (since we singing that for Mother's day we jumped over the 2nd verse) and the kids really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Laura said...

Brilliant. I made a few changes including adding a stick-on mustache and hammer for the dad and a necklace and hymn book for the mom. Were your kids as hooked as mine when I walked to the front of the room carrying my huge bags of props? Thanks for sharing such a simple and FUN idea.

Karie said...

Did this today. It was so cute & really effective. Thanks, Camille!