Monday, April 28, 2014

May Song: Song of your choice from the Children's Songbook, Hymns, or Church magazines

May is a "your choice" song!  To pick my May song, I looked at May's theme for the month and started from there (it helps our Program jive a little better!).  May's theme is "Families Are Blessed When They Follow the Prophet."  Here are my suggestions (they are all listed under "Prophets" in the Topics section in the back of the Children's Songbook):

Book of Mormon Stories p. 118
Follow the Prophet p. 110
Keep the Commandments p. 146 (I picked this one - more to come on my lesson plan!)
Latter-day Prophets p. 134 (find my lesson plan for this song HERE)
Nephi's Courage p. 120 (find my lesson plans for this song HERE and HERE)
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden p. 237
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus p. 36 (find my lesson plans for this song HERE and HERE)
Seek the Lord Early p. 108
The Sixth Article of Faith p. 126
Stand for the Right p. 159 (find my lesson plan for this song HERE)
We'll Bring the World His Truth p. 172 (find my lesson plan for this song HERE)

For ideas for teaching the other songs, I'd reference the following:

A Children's Songbook Companion.  Find details of this book HERE.
Sugardoodle HERE and search for the song alphabetically.
Search past files on Primusic on Yahoo Groups (find details HERE)
Google, Pinterest, Facebook (Chorister's Group HERE), or other singing time blogs of course!

There are a few good hymns that go along with this month as well:

Praise to the Man (see my 3 week lesson plan HEREHERE and HERE)
We Thank Thee, Oh God For a Prophet (reference the 2013 Outline HERE in May for teaching tips)

What are you teaching this month?  Leave a comment to help someone else decide!


homealonemom said...

I'm doing Build an Ark from the friend.
It was taught in the 2013 auxiliary training classes.
It was great, because sharing time was about Noah. :D

Lesley said...

I'm doing "We Ever Pray For Thee" from the hymnbook.