Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep the Commandments

This simple lesson plan for teaching Keep the Commandments will keep the kids engaged, moving and singing!  At the end of my post, I've also got this entire lesson plan demonstration on video so make sure to scroll down and watch it!

To introduce the song, I'm using the ATTENTION-GETTER suggested in A Children's Songbook Companion (find out more about this book HERE).  I created a printable quote that you can download HERE to post on the board and read:

Then I'll ask the primary what keeping the commandments means to them and take answers.

Then, you'll need the flip chart I created HERE printed on card stock and placed in sheet protectors (optional).

Before primary, draw 6 large commandment tablets on the board (3 on top and 3 on the bottom) big enough to each hold a sheet of paper (see the example below).  Then tape the 6 flip chart pages around the room and out of order.

After the attention getter, optionally, pass out a wand to each child:

Find more details on where I got my wands HERE.

You (and any teachers) sing the song as the kids locate and point to the first page using their wand.  Once found, tape it onto the first chalk tablet on the chalkboard (see the picture above).  Sing the first phrase pitch leading (raising and lowering the wands as the notes go up and down) with the wands if you like.  Repeat until all 6 pages have been located and are taped on the chalkboard in order and the song has been sung several times.

I'm assuming a lot of the kids (at least the older kids) know this song and will get through everything very quickly.  So if time permits, I'll gradually remove each page and let a child come draw that phrase with chalk, thus omitting the words, singing each phrase and repeating until all pages are down and chalk pictures are drawn in.

I also have an optional handbell note chart for this song HERE that would be great to use if you have extra time or your primary needs a challenge!

When we perform this song for the program, I'm planning on using the handbells.

At the end of your lesson, make sure to bear a quick testimony that you know there is safety and peace in keeping the commandments.

If you like, I've got this entire lesson plan demonstrated on video here:

You can also find it on YouTube HERE.  Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel so I know you find it useful and want more like it.


Ashley W. said...

I also chose this song for May. This seems like such a simple but great idea. I'm excited to see the handbell chart for the obbligato! I wanted to include the obbligato in the program, but I don't love the idea of having a soloist and we don't have any flutists (except myself) in our primary. Plus, I love that it gives even those kids who don't play instruments a chance to play in the program.

Krista said...

I've been following your blog for a year and a half and have never posted a comment. You are AMAZING and such a lifesaver. This calling has been difficult for me. I am a musical person but not a creative person so your blog has made things so much easier for me! Thanks for all the hard work you put into each post. I know it's time consuming! Just know how much I (and so many others) appreciate what you do!!

sharon said...

I LOVE your video!!! I don't know what I'd do without your constant sharing of instruction and ideas. You really are so Amazing!! Thanks for everything. ❤️
:) sharon

AngMetcalf said...

Used this lesson plan today and loved it!! Kids had a great time too. Thank you for your great ideas.