Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Sing-A-Story

I created this Easter review/Sing-A-Story last year when we reviewed for our Easter Sacrament Meeting musical number.  It worked great.  So as to not re-invent the wheel, I'm going to use it again!  You can find details about it HERE.  The great thing about it is it also doubles as a great Easter Sing-A-Story (non-reviewing) for singing time.

The only changes I'm making this year is we are singing I Stand All Amazed this year in addition to Hosanna.  I'm working with our Ward Choir Director and making this a big musical number using the arrangement that was posted on the Chorister's Facebook page HERE.  I have the organist, violinist and our primary pianist all on board.   Our Ward Choir Director will lead the congregation on the 2nd and 3rd verses.  I'm super excited and hope it turns out AMAZING!

I'd love to use this as the Sing-A-Story version - maybe one day!

Then we are performing our annual rendition of Hosanna with the handbells.   You can find that lesson plan with the note chart HERE.
Happy Easter!!


Ben said...

Camille, is there a place to get this Easter Poster all as 1 piece, rather than it being cut apart. I have the ability to make large posters and would like to do it that way if possible.

Camille said...

Hi Ben!

In my original post, I have the link for this from lds.org. Here's that link:


I'm pretty sure you can just download it as a JPEG or PDF and hopefully you can get it to print from there. Let me know if I can be of more help.