Friday, March 21, 2014

Word Scramble & Red Rover Review Activities

This week on my schedule is to review the 2014 program songs we've learned so far this year:

January - He Sent His Son
February - I Will Follow God's Plan
March - I Stand All Amazed (first verse ONLY)

This is my plan:

For Sr. Primary, I feel like giving them a good challenge so I'm going to have them do a word scramble with each of the songs, once the song is unscrambled, we'll sing it.

Print 3 copies of the 3 songs from HERE (so 9 copies total), cut out each of the words and put them in 9 envelopes (keep each song separate!).  Then label each envelope either "January," "February," or "March."  3 groups of kids, about 6-7 in each group.  **NOTE: I only printed the 1st verse for I Stand All Amazed so I didn't print all 3 verses**

To play divide the primary into 3 groups (I'll probably have them count off so the younger and older kids are all mixed) and pass out the 3 March envelopes (I want to make sure we review I Stand All Amazed as it's the one we know the least so we'll do it first!).  The groups will have to put the words of the song in order (probably crouch together on the floor).  The pianist will be playing while the teachers and I sing the song.  The first group to have it correct wins {nothing, but wins nonetheless!}.  Then we'll sing the song to correct answers.  If anything is wrong, we'll stop, continue unscrambling and try to fix it until someone has it right then sing the song.  Then move to February and January's songs (He Sent His Son is LONG so I'm going to do it last).

UPDATE:  We only got through 2 of the songs so plan accordingly.  But the Sr. primary did very well and were really engaged!  It was nice to see the oldest boys participating.

Now, most of Junior Primary can't read so obviously the Word Scramble won't work.  I really want to keep this week simple and I saw on the Facebook Chorister's group that someone did Red Rover.  Seemed something my little singers would enjoy.  To play you divide the primary down the middle.  The side that sings better will get to pick a singer (or maybe a girl and a boy) from the other side to come over (plan on having a few extra chairs on each side).  Just rotate through the 3 songs as much as possible. I heard someone say they rigged it so one side won (had the PP be the judge), then the other side one, etc so it was even and not really a competition (and none of the kids even noticed). 

If you want other ideas for review activities, I have several posted throughout my blog (click on each of the links below to direct you to that post):

Next week we'll be preparing for General Conference with my annual General Conference singing time.  More to come!


Kami said...

So simple, yet so perfect! Thank you!!

Sean, Stacey and McKenzie said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I really do check your blog every week before I plan what I am going to do. You always have great ideas. Keep posting!