Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Stand All Amazed - Continued

I'm off to Stake Conference this week and will be enjoying my week off from teaching :) but if I wasn't, I'd finish teaching I Stand all Amazed using my lesson plan I posted last week HERE.

In Senior primary, I didn't get to the time signature, crescendo/decrescendo, drawing in breathing phrases or pass out wands.  I'll probably go over all these items with the wands.  We'll lead the music, maybe have kids take turns coming up to the front and leading, we'll make "rainbows" with our wands as we learn to breathe with the phrases, etc.  I'll hang up the GAB pictures for reinforcement as well.

For Junior primary, I got through almost everything last week - I'll admit, I struggled more with them in keeping their attention.  But we'll finish creating actions using our wands for the verse.  For the chorus, I'll just have them "bounce" the wands (move them up and down with the rhythm).  Maybe have good "bouncers" come up front and have a turn.  I may work on memorizing the chorus more than the verse, we'll see.  This is a time when my Wiggle Worm Jar always comes in handy (find it HERE if you are interested)!

UPDATE:  I saw the cutest idea posted over on the chorister's Facebook page HERE and just had to throw it in with my lesson!

It's a special "code" for the song.  You can print my document HERE if you like.  In Senior primary, I just posted it on the chalkboard at the beginning of my lesson and asked if anyone can figure out the code.  They figured it out by the end of singing time (I did keep asking if anyone had figured my code out yet).  I was hesitant to pull it out for Junior but thought, what the heck.  So I did.  I did the same as in Senior and then at the end, I had the kids sing the song as I pointed to each of the dots.  For a hint, when we sang the blue dots, I pointed to myself and that was it - they totally figured it out.  Even the green and red dots!  Those little smarty pants!  The Senior pointed out that my green dots make the letter "J" for Jesus which was TOTALLY unintentional but pretty cool!  See if you can figure it out!  If you can't, the answers are posted on the Facebook link above ;).

Then for the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day (again, if I didn't have Stake Conference) I'd do my Treasure Hunt that I did last year, found HERE.  It was really fun.  But I think I'd switch out the songs to be random songs instead of reviewing program sings since there are lots of Sundays this month to do that.  More to come!


kiddle97 said...

I must be missing something 'cause I can't figure out the code, and the link to the Facebook page doesn't show me anything but who's a member of the group. Any chance you could fill me in?

kiddle97 said...

Oh gosh. It would help if I would realize that just because "amazed" is two syllables doesn't mean it is two words... I think I have it now. :)

Camille said...

Oh good! I had to make sure I pointed only to one dot on the two-syllable words or I would confuse everyone.


Dean Omori said...

Cool idea...I've made a new chart using patterns rather than colors (for us color blind folks)