Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Living Prophets Song

This song is set to the tune of The Books in the Book of Mormon.  Download music with words HERE.  A HUGE thank you to Judith who posted this on the Chorister's FB Group HERE.

I like to have all the pictures of the 1st presidency and 12 apostles hung up on the chalkboard with magnets, but out of order.  I purchased each 8x10 picture from the Distribution Center that you can order online HERE (once you've logged in) or downloaded and printed HERE.  I have the kids gradually put them in order.

As we put each picture in order, I read a LITTLE information on each of the apostles found HERE on

Having these pictures just to use for my own little family during General Conference has been fun - we set the pictures on the fireplace mantel and point each one out when they speak, or draw them a matching tie and taping it on, making purchasing them TOTALLY worth it!

Check out all of my General Conference lesson plans HERE.


Else said...
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Heidi Bartle said...

I used this today. It was fantastic! Thank you.

Unknown said...

Great! Thank you so much.