Thursday, January 23, 2014

He Sent His Son - Review

I'll be using the visuals I made from last week again (find them HERE).  I was able to get through flipping all the pages over revealing the words, so this week I'll start with the words facing out and gradually be turning them back over.  To shake things up I'll be using the necklaces I made when we learned A Child's Prayer (have I ever mentioned that I LOVE using previous work!):

Find the document to make the necklaces HERE.

I'll hang the Q & A's on the chalkboard (with everything in the correct order), then assign each column a necklace.  So the questions column would have "light hair" while the answers column would have "dark hair."  I'll either wear the necklaces (and another leader wear the other one) or I'll just hang them on the chalkboard - haven't decided yet.

Then the kids will move to either side of the room depending on which category they fall into.  Each group will sing their assigned column.  Once we've completed it, I'll turn a random question and a random answer over to reveal only the key word and a picture.  I'll repeat until we've moved into several different groups and all the words are turned over to reveal the key words and pictures.

Considering that most of the Jr. primary can't read, I may only do one question at a time per necklace, singing it first to them then having the group repeat it back to me, then the other group doing the same thing.  We'll also be using the actions suggested in my original lesson plan as well.


Mike and Julie said...

Do you have the kids stack the chairs up so it's easier to move around?

Camille said...

No, I don't move chairs, the kids just move to a chair in the group where they belong. It has worked well for us.

UtahMom said...

This turned out to be sooo fun today. The primary president was out of the room when we started, and came back in with a shocked look on her face. The kids are so competitive...they were singing their little hearts out. Even the teachers were getting into the spirit. We didn't stack chairs, we just switched quickly every time. We got through the song 7 times, the last 2 times with no helps on the board at all. Thanks for a great idea!