Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hot 'N Cold Review Activity - Christmas Style

I don't know what happened with my lesson last week.  It was kind of a fluke...I had 30 minutes in both Jr. and Sr.!  Crazy.  There were no talks, scriptures, birthdays or visitors and we started on time.  Needless to say I TORE through my lesson plan that should have taken 2 weeks.  I'm not complaining at all but now I need another lesson plan for reviewing The Nativity Song this week.

So I've decided to still use the Nativity objects I put together last week for teaching The Nativity Song (Find that lesson plan HERE.  I'm all about not recreating anything!)...
And play the Hot 'N Cold Activity.  You can see how I play it HERE.  It's always a favorite and we can sing a song a million times over and it never gets old.  This will work with any Christmas song you are working on, just hide any Christmas item you like!

My twist will be I'll let a child come pick (at random) an item, we'll hide it and sing the verse it corresponds to.  Hopefully that will help the seeking child know what he/she is looking for - or as least narrow it down.  The string may be a fun twist too as the item can be hung on the wall, around someone's neck (backwards!), etc.  I'm also going to bring a magnet and tape to increase our hiding spots (under chairs, corner of the chalk board, etc).

I'll post the words to each verse as we sing them (see my "Posting Words" tab above if you don't know how I do that).

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