Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Help on Staying Organized!

I received the following comment from a fellow reader and just wanted to pass along his information as it may help several Music Leaders out there stay more organized:

"My wife just got called to be a Primary Chorister, and she was having a hard time getting organized. She wanted an easy way to pick the songs and let her pianists know which ones they'd be playing. So I built a simple form for her at http://curtisgibby.com/primary-music/ where she can type either the page number, part of the title, or first line for each of her songs.

Then she hits submit and the site creates a nice page for her to print or copy-paste into an email. The songs are also linked to the Church's Music Library page for that specific song. All of the songs in the Children's Songbook, standard hymnbook and recently-added songs (like "The Family is of God" and "Scripture Power") are included in the auto-suggest feature.

I'd love it if you could spread the word to your fans and if this would help them quickly and easily choose their songs. I don't make any money or anything on this, I just want to make life a little easier for all the Primary Choristers out there. :)"

I tried it out and it is VERY simple to use!  I may have to start using this when I plan out my months!  I love how it puts the page numbers automatically in there!  Here's the link again:

Thanks Curtis for sharing!!

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The Evans said...

This is such a wonderful tool- I hope to use it all the time! Thanks to both of you Camille and Brother Gibby for sharing your time and talents in building up the kingdom of God.

White House Academy said...

Wow! So brilliant!!! Thanks!

John Decker said...

These are some great tips. I always get disorganized around Christmas because there are so many things to do. I always start shopping for presents late but this year I started very early and I am already a head of the game. I decided to buy some urban fantasy books for my son but I bought them online which was a great idea. It saved me so much time. Now I can start planning my family's Christmas party a head of time!

Kara said...

This is SO awesome, very helpful! Glad I don't have to look up page numbers. Only thing I'd alter is if I could add in my own field (for wiggle songs. or article of faith), or if I could move field around (move reverent song near end, etc.) But I'm not complaining, because this still makes it tons easier. Thanks, and what a great husband to help with this!

brenda barry said...

I'm so excited about this! It is right up my alley! Thank you!