Friday, September 27, 2013

Primary Music Memory

I'm going to be playing "Primary Music Memory" after our primary program is over (I know ours isn't for a few more weeks, but you're welcome!).  It's fun, laid back and isn't anything program-related at all!  Just matching up the first and last song titles of random, fun songs and then singing them.  I found the original idea HERE.

To get through all the matches, I know it will take take more than 20 minutes.  If you want to do your primary presidency a favor, offer to take over for the whole time in Primary for this activity!

Also, if you want to sing more than trying to find matching cards, I recommend only putting up 3 sets of matches at a time (so there are only 6 cards on the board at one time).  This way the kids will find matches faster and you will be singing LOTS more!  When 2 matches have been found, rotate in 2 more matches (4 cards) so there are never just 2 matches left which is an obvious match (does that make sense??).

Here's my list of songs that we'll be matching (I picked songs that had a long title):

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Families Can Be Together Forever
Give Said the Little Stream
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
The Church of Jesus Christ
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
I Love to See the Temple
Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime
Once There Was a Snowman
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
Teach Me To Walk in the Light
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
The Books in the Book of Mormon
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden
We'll Bring the World His Truth

You can print my document HERE.  Reader Jennifer shared her version HERE if you are interested too.  I printed mine on neon multi-colored card stock (package from Wal-Mart) and laminated them.  When I printed, I made sure the same color of pages were not together (so a pattern of pink, green, yellow and orange, repeat, etc - 15 pages total).  That way the matches would print out on random colors of paper.

To play, magnets on the chalkboard will probably be the best way to go.  Tape may work but you'll be turning pages over multiple times and it will be a pain.  If you have a pin board (and you don't mind holes in your stuff - which totally bugs me ;), that could work too.  Find my tip on good magnets HERE and don't buy the ones I have pictured below!

I know that most Jr. Primary kids can't read but I think they won't mind if you read to them what's on the cards they get to turn over!  And if the kids are having a hard time finding matches, you can tell them that no match is the same color and the dots before and after the words tell you if the match is the first or last part of the song title (there is also the songs' page number listed on the 2nd half of all matches).

Happy matching!!


JulieC said...

Thank you so much Camille! Great idea.

Jesica Mangum said...

Honestly, what would I do without you?! Thank you for all your time and effort on MY behalf! Our program is tomorrow (and should be wonderful), but had no idea what to do with them after in singing time and this is perfect! :)

Aaron said...

This is PERFECT!!! And, you are so clever and organized to add the page numbers. I am always doing page numbers so our pianist doesn't have to go searching the book. Thanks for sharing!!!

Love to Teach said...

This is wonderful thank you!

Kelsey said...

Could you use this to review just one song with 2 to 3 verses

Kelsey said...

Could u use this to review a song?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Kelsey!

I suppose you could put matches as phrases in the song - 2 of the same phrases makes a match. It would be hard to sing because the phrases would be out of order as matches are made but it could work.

I'll keep thinking!


Julie said...

Thanks for the idea!

ourloudfamily said...

I play the piano for primary and that's just too many songs for me to learn in one week. I am willing to devote an hour a day to my calling - but not six. Even with the whole primary time devoted to this game we could never get through all those songs anyway. Please be kind to all those weak pianists who get put in primary.

Camille Hill said...

Hi ourloudfamily,

Please know that my posts are merely suggestions and in no way required. If what I post doesn't work for your chorister/pianist/primary, please always feel free to disregard or to alter them so they fit your needs. If I were to alter this activity to fit the situation you presented, I would suggest simply playing the top hand of each song on the piano. If that were to be too overbearing still, I'd play all the songs on CD and have the kids sing along to the CD. And yes, you are correct that there's no way to get through all of these songs in one 20-minute singing time.

I'm not the pianist so it's hard to see all perspectives when preparing lesson plans. I would assume your primary chorister understands the level of your musical ability and would adjust his/her lesson plans to accommodate you.


Collette said...

I made a document with all the songs and page numbers so you and the pianist can have a list - if you want me to email it to you to add on the post Thank you for all you share!