Saturday, September 28, 2013

General Conference Singo

This idea came from an idea I found on the Chorister's FB group HERE (Find about joining the FB group HERE if you need!):

Download the JPEG version HERE or the PDF version HERE.  Print as 4x6 photos and pass out to your primary to play bingo using candy pieces or any other type of marker.  In between each name that you call out, you give a brief description of each man, then sing The Living Prophets Song (sung to the tune of Books in the Book of Mormon) but using their names instead.  You can find details about the song including music to download HERE.

Then the kids can take these home and cover each picture with candy (or whatever) as they see these men speak during Conference.  Brilliant!  I can't wait for my own kiddos to use these!

They are also fun just as a take-home!

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