Friday, August 16, 2013

Practicing Parts to "A Child's Prayer"

I really LOVED the idea of "Who Sings Now" over on OCD Primary Chorister's blog HERE but I wanted to tweak a few things so I made these:

You can download the documents HERE.

I printed these on white card stock, cut the pages in half and laminated them.  Then I punched holes in the top corners and added enough string so they can be worn around your neck.  It's great because these can be used for any of the songs that have 2 parts!

UPDATE:  I created 2 more cards that you can access HERE!

Before Primary, you'll divide the chairs so there's an aisle down the middle.  Put down a long piece of masking tape to really divide the room in half.

For the activity, you'll need an assistant.  I asked our Primary President last week who said she'd help me lead the other verse.  You can't do this song very well without 2 people conducting (which is what I'll also be doing for the program).

To start, have the whole primary review the first and second verses separately.  Post the words if necessary (see how I do that HERE.  Your assistant may just have to hold her words).  Then tell them the verses can also be sung together, even though they are quite different.  Choose 2 matching "necklaces," one for you and one for your assistant.  Kids will move to either side of the room that they fit in and we'll sing the parts together.  Then pick new "necklaces," create new groups and repeat.

I know the kids will be moving and it will probably create chatter.  I'm going to reiterate that moving our feet does not require moving our mouths ;).  Chatter bugs can come up front and sing solos!!

This activity can also double as a review for ANY song.  Just hold up or wear a necklace and that indicates who should sing.  Rotate them as you like.


Erin Isenberg said...

Thanks for the mention:). How did it go? I'm considering having them move around next week (I just had one group stand up). I wasn't brave enough to give it a try yet.

Else said...

I did this today for Sr. Primary and they loved it. (Jr. Primary, we are still working on learning all the words). It wasn't the most reverent but it got them to sing it over and over again. Which was great. They wanted to do more, so if you happen to think of any more, please do post!
Thanks for the great idea!

Camille said...

If you're wanting a review on how this singing time went - the kids had SO much fun. Both in Sr. and in Jr. My only issue was I wish I had maybe 1 or 2 more different ways to switch it up because I had the time and everyone was willing to keep going. I'll definitely use this again!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I hope you had as much fun using it as I did.


Beth said...

Good idea for splitting up the song and making it more interesting! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea. Hopefully, we learn the 2nd verse well enough today that we can give this a try.

A few other ways to split:
- Black shoes / Other shoes
- Short Hair / Long Hair
- Likes Apples / Likes Bananas
- Wearing Blue / No Blue

Camille Hill said...

Hi Unknown!

Thank you for the suggested list!!


Lynne said...

I think I'm going to just use this to practice different verses of any of the songs.