Saturday, July 27, 2013

Word Nerd Review

A reader told me about a review activitiy called WORD NERD that her Primary loves so I thought I'd give it a try.  It's right up my alley - QUICK and EASY!

All you need is a song(s) you are reviewing, a pair of glasses (these goofy sunglasses are from the Dollar store but any will do), a marker and a sticky notepad.  I'll be reviewing our January - July program songs with this activity.

A child comes up and puts on the glasses and faces the primary.  You then write one word from your chosen song on a sticky note with a marker and put it on their forehead (hence the name of the activity - they look like a total nerd!).  The primary does not sing that word and the "nerd" child has to guess what word is on their forehead.  Once guessed, switch out the "nerd" with a new one and repeat!

For Jr. Primary I may tweak it a bit...the "nerd" child will quickly go out in the hall as I read to the primary the word on the sticky note and then when we sing it, the Primary will sing that word very loudly.

This runs very similar to my "Word Quing" which is also fun.  You can find that HERE if you are interested.


Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

I used this Sunday and the kids loved it! Thanks for the idea!

KaseyQ said...

I do this with an old riding helmet and post the word on the helmet and call it Helmet Hero. :-)

julie said...

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!