Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pioneer {Cake} Walk

I've used this activity twice now.  One year I did it for the whole singing time activity (find it HERE) and another time I incorporated it into our joint pioneer sharing/singing time (find it HERE).  The kids really enjoy the change up with being able to walk around and just kind of have a good time.
This year I'm just doing the calk walk using the songs Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked and The Oxcart.  I'm going to use the songs on CD and a CD player.  I have since written the numbers on the footsteps with PERMANENT MARKER!!  The erasable markers did just that as the kids stepped on them and by the end I couldn't read any of the numbers!  Then I bought some salt water taffy as a treat.

I did see an additional idea that I liked which I'm going to also incorporate - when the music stops and a number is called, that child must tell you the rest of the line in the song before they can get a treat.   I want to encourage a little more singing ;). Obviously with Jr. Primary we'll be very lenient and hopefully the rest of the primary can help them out.

WARNING:  If you do this activity, things will probably get a little rowdy and expect the kids not to sing much.  Honestly, I'm okay with this once in a while!

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Emily S. said...

I did this today and the kids loved it. We have a large primary, around 40 attending in each junior and senior. I had planned on using multiple pioneer songs, but just ended up singing Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked the whole time. I gave out salt water taffy for a prize. I picked three numbers each time we stopped the music.