Monday, July 15, 2013

Families Can Be Together Forever, Lesson Plan Follow-Up

I thought I'd just share my primary kids' artwork (below).  They did such a great job and really enjoyed this activity.  It put those smart minds of theirs to good use.  Everyone participated (even those 11-year old boys!).  You can find my original lesson plan idea HERE if you missed it.

I did change up how I originally had planned for the 2 week lesson plan to go.  The first week, the kids worked on their pictures for the entire 20 minutes (both Jr. and Sr.).  No one wanted to quit coloring so I was happy to oblige!  I had the music playing in the background. Then the 2nd week for Sr., the groups all came up and presented and I asked them questions about why they drew something in particular, etc.  We hung up the paper around the room then sang each line and gradually added on.  For Jr. I just presented each picture and made sure to point out the names of all the Sr. artists as a lot of the younger kids had older siblings who did the drawing.  They all thought that was pretty cool.

For Jr. I also passed out each child's choosing sticks (find those HERE if you don't know what they are) and we did pitch leading together as we sang.  It just gave them some movement which helped with reverence as just singing through the lines can get a bit dull for those little ones!

I'll definitely do this again.  It would even be fun to use this for reviewing for the program in a few months.  Divide the Primary into groups and each group gets a song or parts of a song that they get to draw (having the pianist play all the songs as they draw), then the primary sings the song after the group has presented.

Anyway, enjoy the art show!!

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Dani Queiroz de Souza said...

loved it! Hugs from Brazil!