Friday, June 14, 2013

Cut the Tie

I've asked our Bishop to come into Primary during Jr. and Sr. primary singing time to "cut his tie!"  

We'll be reviewing the song Fathers (see my lesson plan HERE) as we'll be singing it in Sacrament Meeting.  You can surely "cut the tie" to any Father's Day song so whether you are reviewing or just want a fun Father's Day singing time, this is a great and simple activity.
All you need is an old tie (or 2 if your primary is not combined) and a pair of scissors.  Depending on how well the kids sing is how much you get to cut off.  I think I'm going to do most of the cutting - the last thing I want is a kid coming up and hacking off most of his tie the first round!!


Caren said...

That sounds like a really fun activity. I'm substituting this Sunday for the primary chorister. Perhaps I will go find some old ties tomorrow.

BUB said...

We did this once. A fun add on is you have someone "rate" from 1 to 10 how well they sang and they get to cut that many centimetre off the tie.

Amy said...

Love this idea! I also love BUB's idea for measuring. Just might have to try this next week!