Friday, May 24, 2013

Primary Pictionary

This Sunday I thought it would be fun to pull out my chalk and play Primary Pictionary!

It's a great review game for a substitute or if you're wanting more of a holiday weekend yourself (because it's so simple)!  We play this at least once a year and it never gets old!

We'll be reviewing all the songs we've learned this year for the program (January - May).

My chalk isn't the Crayola kind, but some I purchased from an art supply store.  It's really colorful and the kids love it.  It is kind of messy so I make sure to bring an old wash cloth and dampen it so the kids can wipe their hands and so I can wipe down the chalkboard afterward.  Regular Crayola chalk would work great, or in a pinch, grab some plain white chalk from the library!  Amazon sells some here that would probably work great:

I play it 2 separate ways for Junior and Senior Primary...

For Senior Primary I divide the chalkboard in half and the primary into 2 teams (usually just split it right down the middle from where everyone's seated).  Then I have 2 kids come up and I whisper the title of a name to draw.  The 2 kids will draw and have their team guess.  After the title has been guessed, we sing the song, swap kids and repeat.  I usually don't keep score.

For Junior Primary I do all of the drawing and the kids have to guess the title of the song I'm drawing.  If they need help, I'll have the pianist play along while I draw.  Once it's been guessed, we'll sing the song, erase and repeat.

Happy Memorial Weekend!!


Molly said...

We love pictionary too!! For junior, I have the teachers come up and draw- the kids love it and it puts less pressure on me to be a grand artist!

Krista said...

Our choirister is out of town this Sunday and as PP, I am filling in for her. THANK YOU for this idea. Super easy for me to do and we've not played it before. Kids will love it! :)

AdamKristin Cole said...

As always, many thanks to you for sharing your talents and ideas, which help so many of us. I am sitting at the computer on a busy Saturday after a busy week trying to figure out what to do tomorrow, when my eyes start to fill with tears and then I remember - CAMILLE. This is exactly what I need for tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you ♥

Dessie said...

Do you think sidewalk chalk would work on the church chalkboard if I bring a cloth to wipe it down afterward?

Justin and Heidi Culbertson said...

The teachers and Primary Presidency could draw pictures for Junior (following the directions above for Senior). :o)