Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is My Beloved Son, vs. 4

To teach the 4th verse I'm going to use a suggestion from the 2007 Friend:

"...Have all of the children look up D&C 18:34–36 [Senior Primary only will use the scriptures]. Ask them to listen and answer the question, 'Who else can hear the voice of our Heavenly Father?' Sing the final verse to find the answer. Point out that the last note of the song is different in the last verse. Have...three groups hold one tone to create a chord on the final 'Hear Him!' (A, C, F). At the end of the song, they will hear the beautiful harmony of the chord."

To help with the final note, I am going to pull out the A,C, F handbells and give one to 3 teachers who will be in charge of helping each group sing their note.  Then we'll sing the whole 4th verse through with the 2nd ending and the 3 parts on the last note.

Then with these groups, I'm going to pass out strips of paper and have each group act out a verse we learned last week (1-3).  The rest of the Primary will have to guess which verse they are depicting.  I'll give each group about 3 minutes to put their act together (suggest to have extra kids be the scenery to involve more kids):

Group 1: Jesus getting baptized by John the Baptized

Group 2: Nephites see the Savior

Group 3: Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as he knelt down to pray

After each "act" I'll pull out the 3 corresponding pictures used HERE and we'll sing that verse.  I probably will post words (see tab above called "Posting Words" if you need more information on how I do that).

Download my to-go lesson plan HERE which includes the strips of paper to cut out at the bottom.


Travis Laurel said...

Did you have props or anything available for them to use?

Camille said...

I didn't have any props and it worked out great. I suggested to the groups to act out the scenery because some of the things only involved a few people.

Chelsea said...

I love this! Is this on google docs? I can't print it :( without paying

Camille Hill said...

Hi Chelsea!

I've moved the document over to Google Drive. I thought I had them all changed over but it looks like I missed one (or probably several more!). Thanks for letting me know!


Chelsea said...

Thank you Camille! You are awesome! I taught your lesson yesterday and it went so nicely!

Thank you!