Thursday, March 21, 2013


In preparation for our Primary's Easter Sacrament Meeting musical number, we will be learning the primary song Hosanna this week using the handbells.  You can find more information on where I purchased my handbells and how I use them HERE.

Download and print my chart HERE.  I printed mine on white card stock.  Note that this is NOT the melody!

The bells will occupy most of the time.  I will do a quick (like 5 minutes) to learn the song using information from A Children's Songbook Companion before I pull out the bells:

I'll write on the chalkboard the word "Hosanna" and we'll define it (I defined it HERE when we learned Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus).  Then I'll have the words posted (find words to this song and others HERE) and have everyone listen as the teachers and I sing the song.  I'll ask them to tell me how many times we sing "Hosanna" [3].  Then we'll sing it again and the kids will only sing the word "Hosanna."

We'll then listen for 4 "-ing" words [RING, KING, SING, BRING] and write them on the chalkboard under "Hosanna."  Then we'll sing the song together.

After it's been quickly learned, I'll pass out bells and hopefully everyone will be able to get a few turns.

As for performing it in Sacrament meeting, I will assign a few kids to ring bells.  I usually pick from Sr. Primary and I'll try to pick those that haven't performed yet.

Download my to-go lesson plan HERE for quick reference.

Happy ringing...oh yeah...and singing!!


Henckel House said...

I just purchased a basic set and haven't told anyone yet (I'm really shocked my 4 year old hasn't ratted me out - thank goodness all the other ones are not in primary) So I think I am going to break them out as "present" for Easter with this song (that I have never sung before, but playing on the lds website it seems easy enough)We'll see, I have a big Easter Singing Time for all of Sharing time thing (yes, that I still have to completely flesh out)that I am planning.

pepper said...

Camille, Quick question, do you have a group of children sing the descant while you have bell ringers, or do you just ring the bells. I haven't decided which to do yet, and was wondering if you have a reason for choosing one way or the other.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Pepper!

Great question and I should have clarified in my post - I don't have anyone sing the descant. You totally could, but it's just too many moving parts for me ;). I just have the bell choir ring the bells on the descant. Only singing is done on the melody. I hope that answers your question.


Mona Merz said...

Hi Camille, I've wanted to use the Bells (passed down from former Primary Chorister) and this is the perfect way to Start with Hosanna. I want to have a special EASTER Primary celebration and this is just the best idea ! thanks so much for the ideas here. Keep up the great work.