Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day - a Yearly Repeat

I'm pulling out my annual "Name that Primary Song about Love" activity this week to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Find it HERE.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ben said...

Thanks, again, Camille for sharing your ideas. I will use this on Sunday. I like your idea of having something you can use each year, but I am an "electronic filer" instead of a paper filer. So, I made the "Name that Primary Song about Love" sheet in Powerpoint, made all the hearts with the names & page numbers on them in the same Powerpoint file, along with all the words to the songs. I even put the word LOVE in red caps every place it shows up in the songs. Now, I print it out for this Sunday, and I keep it on my computer for next year! I look forward to your posts each week!! Thanks again!! -Ben