Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is My Beloved Son, vs. 1 - 3

I'm planning on teaching the simplified ASL for If The Savior Stood Beside Me next month using video posted by fellow chorister, Sara.  You can find her video HERE.  And I have gone into a little detail of how I like to teach ASL HERE if that helps.  I'll elaborate more on the details next month when I teach this song.

So, on to my lesson plan for this week...

Access these pictures:

  • Gospel Art Book (GAB) Picture of Christ being baptized HERE.
  • Gospel Art Book (GAB) Picture of Christ visiting the Nephites HERE (direct link not working online)
  • Gospel Art Book (GAB) Picture of the First Vision HERE.
*Note:  I have purchased the Gospel Art Book (find it HERE at and have taken the binding out, placed the pages in sheet protectors and put it in a binder.  This way I can use the pages individually as I need them.

Print these scripture references found HERE:

Place the scripture references behind the picture that matches in plastic cover sheets with the scriptures on one side and the pictures on the other.

Matthew = Christ's baptism
3 Nephi = Christ visits America
JS History = First Vision

Then I'm planning on playing this song on the Children's Songbook on CD instead of singing it by myself as I teach it.  Sometimes it's nice to take a small break from the solo act ;).

In addition to the song on CD, and a CD player, you'll need chalk and tape/magnets.

Before Primary starts, place the pictures on the chalkboard with the scripture references facing out for Senior primary only.  For Junior primary, simply omit the scripture references and hang each picture on the board one at a time as you discuss what is happening in each picture.

Then you can download my lesson plan HERE that I have printed out and I'll take with me.  It's a pretty simple Q&A while using the song on CD to help with the listening portion.

I really try to keep my Easter lesson plans simple, reverent and focused directly on the Savior by using actual non-clipart pictures.  Just my personal preference.

I thought the 1st - 3rd verses related well to each other so I thought I'd teach them all together.  Next week we'll review these verses again and learn the 4th with an activity that will be a little more hands-on so stay tuned.

Find verse 4 HERE.


Shauntel said...

I just wanted to say how much I REALLY appreciate all the hard work you do! The time and effort you put into your calling is amazing! (It's exactly what I would do if I had the time, but I have 4 small children and just don't right now.)

I was recently called as the Primary Chorister and your blog is a Godsend! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

homealonemom said...

I truly appreciate your willingness to share what you've learned, and where you've found it.

On Easter Sunday, the week before conference, we too will be singing Follow the Prophet. I wrote a verse for President Monson,

Thomas S. Monson is a prophet –
The one that we know now.
We want eternal life and he can show us how…..
Listening to conference and living what we learn,
We’ll regain God’s presence through blessings that we earn.

I thought I'd share it, also.

Dawn Hatch said...

Hi Camille,

I love your site; it is such a help to me! The link to the DeFord music doesn't work and when I searched the DeFord site I couldn't find the song on it. Do you know how I can find the music or do you have a copy you could email me?

Thank you!


Camille Hill said...

Hi Dawn!

I just searched my files on my computer and my physical singing time files and I don't have it. I must have downloaded my copy direclty from the website and probably gave my physical copy to my pianist. I'm shocked that I don't have a copy anywhere! I'm really sorry!