Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Posting Words

If you haven't noticed already, I've added a little tab above called "Posting Words" (along with a few other tabs you can check out if you are interested) which details how I post words to songs each Sunday in Primary.  I'm going to be continually adding songs as I type them up so check back each month after I post my monthly "Singing Time Schedules."  I'll try to have each month's songs I'm singing listed there.

Our Stake Music Leader led a children's choir for our Stake Conference and I suggested she do this...I'm probably the only one that noticed her flipping little pages between the verses.  It really helped the kids as they didn't get much notice beforehand.  I'm just curious if others use this method and if they've found it helpful - I swear by it.


Nicole said...

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you!!! I found your blog a couple of months ago and have turned to it so many times. You blog has been such a great resource for me as I get comfortable in this new calling.

Ben said...

Camille - Yes! Because of YOU, I do use a binder and hang it over the music stand. I have found it to be quite useful also (even for the teachers!!) I have been in a primary music leader calling multiple times adding up to 6 years or so, and just started again in my new ward in last month. I visit your blog weekly to gain insight from you. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to post all that you do!!! - Ben

Chelsey said...

YES I do this and YES it is a huge helps the leaders and kids and makes a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference!

Henckel House said...

I found your site in November and because of you have posted songs ever since. Now I have even started to put pdfs of my songs that I print up to post.
I love it. It makes a huge difference.
When I posted the Valentine's activity (mostly from you as well - thanks!), I got a comment from someone asking how my primary knew all those songs. We don't of course - I post them (and I reference your site in my blog post on posting songs)
Thanks so much!

KarenR said...

I also post words in Primary thanks to your suggestion. I am thankful that it enables us to sing many of the songs that I know, and many of the teachers know, that the kids are not familiar with. During our Ward Conference last year I posted the words to our opening song like I usually do. After Primary a member of the Stake Presidency (a convert to the church at the age of 19) came up to me and thanked me for posting the words. He said that he loves singing with the Primary children and often doesn't know the words since he didn't attend Primary as a child. It was wonderful feedback to get, and the thanks really needs to be sent to you and your wonderful blog!

Maggie said...

Yes, I do this every week! One of your best ideas yet!