Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heavenly Father Loves Me Part 2

If I go to the trouble to make visuals, I really try to use them more than one week.  So, this week we are going to keep reviewing My Heavenly Father Loves me with the same visuals I used last week (find them all HERE).  I'm going to hang up my clothesline (it's been kind of fun to shift from the chalk board) and then also bring a small laundry basket (might as well ham up this laundry thing, right?).

I really liked a few of the ideas found over on "In the Leafy Treetops" blog found HERE for this song (and honestly, her visuals are dang cute too ;).

What I plan to do is have the pianist play through the song as I quickly pull out each picture to review from last week, then put them back into the basket.  Then I'll ask kids to try and remember a picture (for Sr. I will also ask them to tell me the line of the song it goes with).  Using my choosing sticks, I'll call out kids to see if they can remember pictures/words.  If they get can guess a picture, they can come hang it up.  Once all are up (may be out of order) we'll try to make sure the pictures are in order by singing it a few times.

Then, again suggested over on "In the Leafy Treetops," I'll pick kids to leave the room, we'll pull down a picture and have the child come guess which one is missing.  With Sr. Primary I may put a few out of order and they will have to put them back before we finish singing the song.

Then I'm also thinking to help with wiggles in Jr. Primary to have them help me think of actions that go along with each picture as we hang each one up.

Anyway, pretty simple but just how I like it!!


Nalani said...

Camille, That was sweet of you for mentioning my blog. Also, what a nice surprise to have bumped into you at Pat Graham's workshop back in January. There I was trying to get to the workshop early so I could sit up front only to have been stuck on the freeway for a half hour because of an accident at the point of the mountain. I barely got there when she started (good thing I had left early) so I grabbed the first available seat when I walked in the door. And then I turned to see who I was sitting next to only to be surprised that I knew I had seen your face before. Took me a minute before I had figured out where I had seen you before; your picture on your blog. How fun to have run into a fellow blogger! I guess the bad luck of being stuck on the freeway actually ended up being good fortune for me because I got to sit next to you and meet you. Sorry you had to listen to my horribly, horse voice when we sang. :D I was just starting to get over laryngitis, so every time Pat had us sing, my froggy voice would come out and I just had to laugh at myself thinking, "These people sitting next to me must think I am the worst singing Primary Music Leader ever." I did try and sing softly though in hopes you wouldn't be able to hear me—much. ;-) I sure miss being the music leader in Primary. I do catch myself still checking out the blogs once in a while though. BTW, you have a great blog. So keep it up!
Happy Singing!
Nalani~In the Leafy Treetops the Bird's Sing Good Morning.

Camille said...

Thanks for your nice comments - so fun to meet you as well. You have a great blog too - I had a random person tell me yours was one of their favorites so you've definitely got a good thing going! You have really amazing visuals, something I don't know if I'll ever be able to compete with ;). Good luck with your new calling, and I'm sure you'll be back here sooner than you know it!