Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Missionary Sunday

Since this month's theme has been based on Missionary work, I thought it would be perfect to do my "Missionary Sunday" again that I did last year.  The kids had a great time, it involves LITTLE prep (perfect for a holiday weekend!) and works great because it's not quite Christmas time yet...at least in my book! Christmas in Primary starts in December.  You do need to have a visitor come help so if you are going to do it, you'll want to make some arrangements beforehand, probably before Thanksgiving.

Find the details HERE.

This year, however, I asked the sister missionaries who are over our ward building to come in and they willingly accepted.  They won't be posing as investigators but will be finding out how well the kids know the gospel and preparing for missions.  I'm sure the sisters will have a good time with them.

And with Jr. Primary, I'm playing pin the tie on the missionary (details found in the link above as well).  I'll probably pull out my Nursery Missionary Tags too:
(Not to mention I often use my Nursery Bag items in Primary!)

I found a version of Pin-the-Tie on the missionary on a blog if you are interested in making one.  Find it HERE.

See my updated version of this lesson plan HERE which includes several printables and a new option for doing a similar lesson plan with Jr. primary.


UnitedForAdoption said...

I don't know what the blog is that you are looking for but when I forget where I found something, I just check my browser history and I'm able to find it.

Camille said...

Thank you for the tip. I searched and still can't find it!