Monday, November 26, 2012

2013 Primary Music CD

Each year I make a CD for each of the primary FAMILIES in our ward.  Our primary gives the CD's out as part of their Christmas presents each year.  Since the CD's take a little time, I always start early.  If you want details on how I burn mine, find information HERE.

How I decide on songs is I just go through the current outline.  I highlight any songs that are mentioned and just plug them in.  I personally like 3 songs for each month.  Some months had more listed (January, for example, had 4) and some months had nothing (like October).  If months had nothing, I referenced that month's outline topic to the Topic's section in the back of the Children's Songbook to come up with my song choices.

This Sunday I'm going to give this list to the Primary counselor who is over music so she can okay everything before I start burning a million CD's.  I'll also give a copy to the pianist because all the songs that are not program songs will be sung as opening songs in Primary.

So here is my 2013 songlist (the bolded songs will be sung in our sacrement meeting program):


I Am a Child of God, p. 2
I Know My Father Lives, p. 5
I Will Follow God’s Plan, p. 164

My Heavenly Father Loves Me, p. 228
I Have Two Ears p. 269
Keep the Commandments p. 146

If the Savior Stood Beside Me, 2013 Outline
Do As I’m Doing p. 276
I’m Trying to Be like Jesus p. 78

This is My Beloved Son p. 76
The Sacred Grove p. 87
The Priesthood Is Restored p. 89

We’ll Bring the World His Truth p. 172
Follow the Prophet p. 110
We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet, hymn 19

When I am Baptized p. 103
Baptism 100
The Holy Ghost p. 105

Families Can Be Together Forever p. 188
Because God Loves Me p. 234
Love Is Spoken Here p. 190

A Child’s Prayer p. 12
Faith p. 96
Jesus Is Our Loving Friend p. 58

I Will Be Valiant p. 162
“Give,” Said the Little Stream p. 236
I’ll Walk With You p. 140

I Want to Be a Missionary Now p. 168
The Things I Do p. 170
The Church of Jesus Christ p. 77

Children All Over the World p. 16
I Think the World Is Glorious p. 230
Thanks to Our Father p. 20

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus p. 36
The Tenth Article of Faith p. 128
When He Comes Again p. 82

Find my CD Cover HERE.


Travis Laurel said...

Did you get the Outline from the President? I was just called and I'm not sure at all what I need to do to get ready for the new year. My presidency is brand new too. We're all just trying to figure out our new callings. Your website has so many wonderful teaching ideas. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It makes this calling seem less stressful and scary :)

Camille said...

I picked mine up at the Distribution Center when I was there randomly. But you can find it online here:

Hope that helps!


Jennifer Shepard said...

Hi, I love your blog. How do you go about burning so many cd's? Do you make a playlist on itunes and just keep hitting burn, or do you have some trick? I need to burn 50 cds for our families next week and don't quite know how to go about doing it. Thank you for any advice :)

Camille said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yes, I just create a playlist on iTunes and burn a million copies. To be efficient, I'll even figure out how long it takes to burn one (usually several minutes) and set a timer so I know when to insert the next one.

Hope that helps! Maybe there is a better way??