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Friday, September 7, 2012

YOU Be the Conductor! ~ Review Activity

I've been terribly sick with the stomach FLU all week long!  Ugh.  I'm on the end of it - I think.  With that said, I came up with an extremely simple singing time that anyone can fill in for me in case I'm still feeling under the weather...

Our program is the end of this month and this is the last real singing time I have.  The rest of the month will be spent practicing the program.  There are about 4 songs that we really need to sing OVER and OVER and...you get the point.  So I thought, why not have the kids have a turn to be in my shoes this week.  As conductor, they need to do 3 things:

1.  Know the words and sing them loudly to the Primary
2.  Wave their conductor stick as we sing
3.  Make sure the other kids are singing.  If kids are not, the conductor can point them out with their conductor stick (we'll see if this one flies.  I don't want hurt feelings).

So after I introduce my activity, I'll pick a conductor and let them come up and choose a conductor stick:

Thank you to kids toys!  If you don't have a toy collection of conductor sticks, I'd suggest cooking utensils or get creative...any other suggestions?  Leave a comment.

Hopefully each child will get to come up and be the conductor.  While the kids are conducting, I'll go sit myself in their seat - a fair trade!  If I start to get crunched on time, I'll have more than one child at a time.

Happy reviewing!!


Karyn Tripp said...

I am in the same boat this week... This is a perfect solution for me! Thanks for all of your great ideas, and the time you take to share!

Debbie said...

I do this activity a couple times a year. The children's favorite thing they choose is a toilet plunger. (Unused of course) They love leading with that one.

Emily S. said...

I did this today and it was a hit. It was SOOO easy, and the kids loved it! Our most popular conductors baton was a light saber. Thanks for the great idea!

Meredith Shepherd said...

Thanks for the inspiration: Here's how I expanded your idea to teach about the Priesthood in Oct. 2012.

Quick explanation/Q&A of the skills you need to "LEAD" the music.Be sure to include that I was called and set apart to be the music leader. Sing The Priesthood is Restored.Testify how grateful I am that the Priesthood was restored so I could receive a blessing to know how to lead the music each week.

AS above... give the kids opportunities to "lead" their favorite songs.

Conclude: Just as I gave you different tools to lead the music, Heavenly Father has restored the power of the Priesthood to Lead His children. Could a man without the Priesthood be the Bishop or the Prophet? No. I couldn't be the music leader unless a Priesthood holder called me to serve as the leader and set me apart to lead. Each of you is a Child of God and you are blessed by the priesthood. Conclude with I Am A Child of God. Tell them to listen for the words Lead Me in the song as they all help lead the music together.

Well that's my intentions at least. I'll have to follow up to let you know if it works or how it evolves.

Keep the posts coming. They are helpful!