Friday, July 27, 2012

Primary Olympics

I think most of the Primary Music Leaders in the church will be doing some variation of "Primary Olympics" this Sunday and I am no different (I have the whole time this week!).  Here's my rendition...
To make the flashlight torch, I taped orange and yellow tissue paper to my flashlight then tied a yellow ribbon to cover my tape.

Print the following on card stock (enlarge the images so each one fits a full sheet of paper), laminate, cut out, punch holes in the corners and attach strings (strings are optional as our primary doesn't have magnets so instead I'll hang them using the pin board):

On the back, I just typed up the following, cut them out and taped them on (so I can reuse the cards another time, with new songs):

Torch Relay: Every Star is Different - turn off lights and pass the the torch around the room.

Volleyball: Nephi’s Courage - volley the song back and forth (each side sings one line).

Marathon: When I am Baptized - sing as much as you can in one breath.

Synchronized Singing: As a Child of God - sign language.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Choose the Right - do this rhythm with your hands: lap, clap, snap, thumbs over shoulders.

Kayaking: Stand for the Right - how about "yakking" and speak the words to the song before it’s sung.

Archery: Had I Been a Child - as the leader’s arms are stretched out, sing louder and as arms close, sing softer.

**If you really want to go simple, skip all the card stock stuff above and throw these slips of paper into a bowl, have the kids pick one at a time and do the activity pulled.  Maybe write "Primary Olympics" on the chalkboard....that would be really quick and easy!**

To play, I'll just turn over a color, we'll do what the back side says and continue on until all the colors are turned over.  Pretty simple.  I went with activities that didn't involve any props (well, except the torch) or needing kids to leave their seats as we can, and often do, get very rowdy.  My goal is to really try to have the kids review the songs instead of being so involved in the activities that no one is singing.  Hopefully it's not too dull!  And I opted to not have judges as I really just tried to simplify this but judging would be fun too.

Then I'm going to pass out chocolate gold coin medals I taped onto red yarn:
I finally found them at WinCo (in the bulk foods section) after searching 4 different stores.  I couldn't find them at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree and Smiths.  Anyone found them somewhere else?  I spent about $5.00 for 50 coins.


Jesica said...

This is wonderful! I have seen quite a few ideas on different blogs, but was going to have to piece them together to get what I want, but you seem to have done it for me!! Thank you for all your hard work in putting out ideas for all of the rest of us!

Sharee said...

Thank you! How can I steal some of your wonderful creativity! Thanks for doing this, it helps me more than you will ever know!

shannon said...

Love!! thanks!

Unknown said...

I am with Jesica-I was stressing about how to put ideas from multiple blogs together. This is my solution-simple and easy! Our primary is pretty big so I would love to not have them get too rowdy being out of their seats a lot. This is awesome! Thanks so much!

Karyn Tripp said...

Thanks for another great idea!!! Using it! :)

Em said...

once again, fabulous idea! thanks :)

Re and Jeff said...

im so gratefull for people like you and others that spend some of your time sharing your ideas and helping so much us others who are not as talented! I always have a hard time thinking about ideas, and i need to use games since im from Brazil and i still dont comunicate as good ( i write MUCH better then i speak) and sometimes i get nervous and i just cant remember any word! Thank you!!

Erin said...

Thank you!

Sarah Hatch said...

Just used it and it was a hit!!! Thanks so much for the GREAT idea!

Re and Jeff said...

The kids loved it! are you using it again with different sports or something ? :)

Camille said...

I won't be using it again anytime soon...probably in 4 years when the summer olympics are here again and if I'm still chorister! But I just made them so they could be reused, using the same sports but different songs on the back. Hope that makes sense.