Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review Pictionary

We're going to be playing Pictionary this Sunday to review our January - June songs.  Very simple with um, well, no prep - love it.

All I need is my fun, colored chalk and a rag (I'll dampen it before Primary) so the kids can wipe their hands when they are finished drawing.

For Sr. Primary I'll divide the kids into 2 teams.  I'll pick one of the 6 songs and whisper it to 2 kids from each team.  They'll then draw the song on the chalkboard.  Once it's guessed, we'll sing it.

For Jr. Primary I'll do the drawing, and probably have the songs listed on the board.

Must be summer because my ambition is waning.


Eliza said...

bless you! I am supposed to be having a baby this weekend and trying to plan something really simple but fun to review all the songs we have learned, and something that someone else can take over in case (hoping)I am not there. This is perfect!

Shawna said...

I agree-perfect! low prep but super fun for the kids! love all the great ideas!

Mary said...

This worked wonderfully with our senior primary. I don't normally do competition games, but we played this boys against girls, and I've never heard the boys sing so well!

Emma and Dan said...

I love it! That is my kind of review idea. Super fun for the kids, no prep for us. Thank you!