Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day 2012

We have Stake Conference this week so I'm off the hook for Father's Day.  But here's what I've done in past years if you are still looking for something this Sunday...
I made this magnet-puzzle-dad a few years ago (sorry, I don't have the clip art anymore).  I used my Scrapbook software and blew up the image HUGE.  Then I maneuvered the image around the screen so I could print various pieces of the dad (probably 7 or 8 pages), eventually printing the whole guy, in parts, on regular sized card stock.  Kinkos probably would have been easier but this worked for me.

Then I laminated the pieces, put magnets on the back, and then taped the various parts of the song (Daddy's Homecoming) onto the back for the kids to act out...
 The parts being:
1.  I'm so glad when Daddy comes home
2.  Glad as I can be
3.  Clap my hands
4.  Shout for joy
5.  Climb upon his knee
6.  Put my arms around his neck
7.  Hug him tight like this
8.  Pat his cheeks
9. Give him what?
10.  A great big kiss

Then we play Charades with the puzzle.  A child comes up, picks up piece #1, acts it out, when the action is guessed, the piece is placed on the chalkboard.  Then we sing the first line.  Then we repeat until all the pieces are on the board and we've sung the whole song.  It's really easy and really fun.

Since that song doesn't take very long, I also bring my Grandpa:
(He's from some church material I inherited from a previous chorister but just find some good Grandpa clipart!)

To use him, we play hot potato while we sing When Grandpa Comes.  For Sr. Primary I also like to write the words on the board with chalk.  We pass around Grandpa and when the pianist randomly stops, the child holding him gets to erase a word and then tells us one thing they like to do with (or just like about) their grandpa.  Then we just keep passing until everyone's had a turn to erase and/or tell something about their Grandpa.

Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out there!!

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Prairie said...

I love all of your posts! You are such a blessing! thank you for what you do!
Due to a lack of dignified grampa clip art available, I found the link for your pictured grampa on the church website: